Joyce Meyers plastic surgery

Joyce Meyers Before and After Photos

Joyce Meyer is a popular American televangelist, a church leader and an influential commentator on theology and Christian living. Meyer has made a huge reputation as a contemporary Christian minister with a unique style and a refreshing sense of humor. Her teachings are known to criticize the conventions and the rigidity of some of the mainstream Christian doctrines. She has been lauded as a post-modern Christian teacher, and her fans often credit her with giving Christianity a new relevance and swag in a society that seems to be growing less and less religious everyday.
Joyce is married to her husband Dave Meyer, with whom they have four grown children.

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Never afraid of controversy, Joyce Meyer is now having to deal with consistent rumors and speculation about her new look. Being a Christian Minister, it is especially controversial, considering that Christian teachings seem to forbid people to change the way God made them. Christians are usually encouraged to be grateful with how God made them. Joyce Meyer’s before and after photos reveal a visible change in her looks, especially her smile, which seems rather weird compared to what it was like before.

Suspected of Doing Lip Augmentation

According to some plastic Surgeons, Joyce appears to have done a lip augmentation surgery. Lip augmentation is usually done to enhance the bust of someone’s lips, making the lips to look fuller and bigger. However, in her case, experts think that the lip surgery might have gone wrong. Some have concluded that Joyce might have had the wrong injection into her lips. Or she may have had the injections in the wrong proportions, leading to reverse effects. The injection might have paralyzed some of the muscles in the lips, leading to abnormal scar tissue development that usually results in disproportionate sagging or firmness. Photos don’t show that she has done much else to her face.

Joyce Meyer’s Plastic Surgery Confessions

Joyce Myers herself has come to her own defense regarding the procedure. She actually confessed that she has done a cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks and said that it was something she had been praying about for a long while. Joyce says that God “Kind of” just came to her, and told her that, “It’s your face, just do what you like with it!” Defending herself, Meyer said that she stands in front of millions of people every other day and that naturally, “You want to look your best, appearing in front of all those people.” She said there was nothing wrong with it as far as her faith was concerned, and that doing the surgery made her feel happy.

Plastic Surgery Results

Perhaps Joyce Meyer’s Surgery could have turned out better. Her lips have become a bit disproportionate, and her smile looks a bit different from what it used to be. Some people think that her new looks are somewhat unflattering and that the surgery probably did not achieve what it was intended to. Nonetheless, she still looks alright, considering her age. Admittedly, some people may find her new looks a little weird. Her smile is still just fine, and does not show any obvious signs of a plastic surgery.



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