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Whoa! Look at Joey’s New do

Joey, what else can you say. Acting, singing and dancing trifecta of greatness. Legend. He was a staple of the early to mid 90’s with his star busting performance on the hit TV sitcom “Blossom”. Joey Lawrence hair surgery is when that legend, adored by screaming young girls throughout the world, many moons ago albeit, goes under the knife to try and resurrect a figure of a bygone era. Does he succeed? or does the knife destroy what little chance he has left at a comeback. Open the book and turn the page…here we go…

“Nobody’s perfect, but I hold myself accountable. I think about the choices I make because they not only affect me, they affect all of my fans and my family.”

A Little Back Story

Joey “Whoa” Lawrence was born on April 20, 1976 in Montgomery, to an insurance broker and a mother who assumed the role of agent to him and his two brothers. When Joey was just three years old, he landed his acting gig in a local commercial. This quickly moved him up to national spots. Lawrence was also a singer and his vocal talents landed him an appearance on the “Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”.
In the 80’s he got a role on the TV show “Gimme a Break”, and soon he would find roles opposite John Travolta and other major players in Hollywood. 1990 though, was the year the true Joey was born to the world. An awakening of a new pop hero, a golden star to be reckoned with, when he walk on the set of “Blossom”.
The show became a sensation and Lawrence was right in the middle of something great. With Blossom, he created an image of cool and hip, the guy you just wanted to be. He had the moves, the ladies loved him and dude could sing his heart out, no joke. He released a few hit albums along the way, during his Blossom tenure.
Blossom closed her doors in her doors in ’95 but Joey would keep busy with a string of TV movies, some on major cable, then he did a few for the Disney Channel as well.

Hair Today,Gone Tomorrow

Joey vanished from the spotlight that used to embrace him. There is one thing that is still troubling for the minds of so many, where did Joey go?
Soft whisperings swept through the grapevine and to the opening of curious keen ears, our boy Joey came back to us and we were ecstatic. It seems, if understood correctly Lawrence was a little follicly challenged. He was balder than a bat, to sum it up. Which is really hard to believe because the guy had a mane on him back in the day that just wouldn’t quit.
Apparently Joey’s loss of hair was virtually overnight and not too long after he was permanently and officially bald. The world who, the last time they saw their folk hero, had a head full of enough hair to promote his own shampoo line, now owned by the erratic, harsh hands of alopecia. There was a good man down, devastated, in pieces but if there is one thing Joey Lawrence is though, it’s a survivor.
When he made his way, back into the limelight, it was immediately noticed because it was anything but subtle. He had hair again as quickly as if it appeared at the end of a magic wand, voila. His hair looked amazingly unnatural, almost pieced together. The procedure itself looks like it could have been performed at a lemonade stand. Poor Joey got botched. Not disastrous but certainly not acceptable.

The Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Forehead Reduction
  • hair transplant

Give Joey credit, he isn’t bald anymore but the solution to his problem surely didn’t quite hit the spot for him. Joey Lawrence hair transplant looked kinda bad actually but with a heart of gold, as we know Joey has, he can figure it out. There is always room for Joey, you can bet on that.