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Alexa Ray joel Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Goal to Stop Looking So Billy Joel

The daughter of a piano man and an uptown girl she is. A piano man who is a rock legend, and an uptown girl who is a legend of the runway. We’re not here to discuss Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley though, we’re here to discuss their daughter, Alexa. Alexa is a pretty woman, for sure but when she was younger, she looked an awful lot like her dad and, to be a little honest…that’s not good. Alexa Ray Joel plastic surgery will take you inside the head of a woman who had enough, she was done. Her goal was to not look so much like Billy Joel in drag and look more like the beautiful woman she was meant to be.

“There’s no great shame in having your nose fixed.”


Born on December 29. 1985 in Manhattan, New York, Alexa Ray Joel grew up into pop culture royalty. Her parents were stars and her dad’s music quickly became a part of her personality. Girl was seriously into music…for real bro.
By the age of 15 she was completing songs and her piano playing was getting better, just like her daddy. She went to music school, then she employed a band to get her rockin’ like we ain’t talkin’. Girl had wizardry on those keys and she not only looked like her dad but she was sounding like him as well.
In 2006, Alexa and her band did some no-joke touring, playing over 100 places throughout the world. That same year she just so happened to bust out an EP titled ‘Sketches’, and they were some seriously raw tunes, some recorded in one take. She’s so crafty.
In 2007, she did a bunch of festivals with her band, one of them was the legendary ‘Bonnaroo Festival’. She would continue to play some pretty massive festivals and a few particular big name shows, one in which she joined her father onstage for a charity show. Down the road a little, she had a supposed suicide attempt with Ibuprofen and she battled depression, stating because her parents are so famous…aww poor girl you.

Suppose the Nose

Apparently, Alexa tried to self-medicate her depression through counseling sessions with the knife. The folk got to talkin’ about this here girl. They knew what was up and it rang in pretty simply just by the casual gander at that nose of hers because it wasn’t looking the same, that is fact.
Alexa’s nose transformed from a Sean Penn lookin’ thing to a refined beauty of a schnozz, any speculations were honestly few because it was clearly a no brainer that the girl had a knife fight all the way, and it looked great.
As the people’s eyes gazed ever so intently on Alexa, they began to get even a little more suspicious. It was her face and it all of a sudden began to look like her beautiful mother instead of her not-so beautiful father. Just over night it looked vastly different, it had a chiseled and slender appeal to it now, a lot like a models. Girl looked beautiful but she didn’t just get a facial, well…she did but it wasn’t from any old cucumber hydroxy mask, it was through the powerful will of his majesty, the knife.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facial Reconstruction

She Ain’t No Silly Billy

Let’s face the facts, Alexa Ray Joel plastic surgery looked great and it couldn’t have gotten much better. She went from Billy Joel playing housewife to a beautiful young woman whose looks took on the best elements of her two parents. Still waiting to see if her music will ever explode onto the scene but in the meantime, we got her dads, which is still timeless rockin’ goodness at it’s best.