Katy Perry Boob Job Before and After Pictures

Arguably one of the greatest music stars working today, Katy Perry has compiled a career which very few can compare. Hit after hit, the top 40 charts are relentlessly pursued by her singles and that trend looks to continue for a while. The style she normally goes for is the classic 50’s pin-up girl, incorporating the look with a sort of Madonna-esque theme. Many of these typical outfits are cut just so that her cleavage has become the second star of the show. This particular cleavage although, has appeared in a way that its proportions have enlarged, and quite a bit. So, her fans need to know, did a Katy Perry boob job take place?

“If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything.”

The body of Katy Perry is very slight, which is partly the reason why her breast have always been a highlight to her image. The constant focus on her breast, especially by the men folk is likely what spawned such a quick response to the changes in her breast. Where there is Katy Perry and there is breast, there will be attention and that is exactly what happened.

Wiggle and Jiggle

There had been a statement released by her publicity team that stated the fact that, due to her elevated star status, she did obtain a breast augmentation to give her look an enhancement. Her performances always display her breast prominently and due to her frantic choreography of dancing, they wiggle and move around quite a bit. This just says exactly how perfectly her augmentation was because why they do their jiggle, they look absolutely natural as can be. Then she always employs push up bras to bring them out just a little more.

Several surgeons have come out of the woodwork and have pointed out that Perry definitely had a premium breast augmentation. The kind of surgery that can make breasts look so natural are few and far between and the work needs to commended on every level. After they have viewed the concert videos of Perry, they all have agreed that whomever was behind her procedure did an absolutely fantastic job and that Perry should release the name to the public.

No Proof

Surprisingly, there are many out there who still believe that perry may not of actually had a breast augmentation, which really doesn’t make any sense. According to these particular people, the statement was made by an origin that has yet to have been identified and Perry herself has not said a word regarding her breasts edgewise. These allegations do begin to make sense when you think about it but to be bias, her breast have most certainly gotten bigger over a shorter period of time.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

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Everybody Baffled

Katy Perry boob job was done quite so extremely well that it has fooled quite a bit of folks. Some thought she had and then there were the ones who had not, then of course there were the ones who were in awe over how great the work performed was. Whatever had occurred, there is no doubt that Perry has a good thing going on in the bosom region and some would even say that that is half of her stage show.



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