Ivanka Trump plastic surgery

Ivanka Trump Before and After Photos

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of influential entrepreneur Donald Trump. Although she is associated with her successful father, she has managed to come an astute businessperson on her own. She has a host of business interests such the Ivanka Trump Lifestyle Collection which features beauty products, handbags, footwear and outerwear. She is also the principal owner of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry.
In recent years there have been changes in Ivanka’s face and nowadays she looks much different since her modelling days. Entertainment industry commentators and bloggers have argued that she has had a nose job and breast enhancements.

“Looking good is the best revenge.”

Ivanka’s Facials and Nose Job

Ivanka has had a nose job as numerous photos will reveal during her modelling days she had a cute bump on her nose and a receding chin. Now her nose appears to be pinched well and her chin fits with her facial bone structure. Entertainment pundits argue that her nose is much slimmer and the tip is much more raised. It is speculated that she has had Botox injections to improve her look because her face looks a bit more shiny and smoother.

What She Thinks

Ivanka has embraced her celebrity status although she feels that it is not much about being a celebrity but it is all about looking good. Sources quoting the entrepreneur say that she felt it was a personal decision to improve something that she had to, and she had the means to achieve what she wanted.

Surgery Results

Having her facials improved was the right decision to take because she looks more beautiful than when she did during her modelling times when her image was her selling point. Although opinion may be varied among pundits, on the Ivanka Trump plastic surgery, the overall agreement is that she has improved and that what she has done so far has done her well. She was pretty before but she has accentuated her look.