Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery

Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pics

Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery

Donnie Wahlberg has been finding himself within the grip of controversy as of late. Not really controversy persay but he does find himself in speculation talks all across the entertainment community and in the realm of the internet chat boards and forums. The word is that Mr. Wahlberg (brother of Mark and husband of Jenny Mccarthy) has undergone plastic surgery procedures. Supposedly Donnie Wahlberg plastic surgery is simply a matter of a 45 year old entertainer looking to preserve his appearance but there really has only been speculation and nothing is in concrete as of yet.

“You matter. You count. You are important. You are someone. You are beautiful. You are awesome! Ever if sometimes you’re the last to know it!”

The clear rumor has been consistently debated as of late by several different plastic surgeons in and out of Tinseltown. The reason that this particular rumor begun was that people simply started to notice that there have been some relatively identifiable changes which have been made to the facial appearance of Wahlberg.

Too Young for 45

He and his brother, Mark both star on the hit reality show “The Walburgers” and it is on that show when the public began to take notice of the supposed transformations in his face. His face went from looking right around the age bracket that he is currently in, to appearing completely opposite and of course, like a younger man.

The plastic surgeons have debated and they really believe that the rumors are most certainly true, in the regards of his acquisition of cosmetic alterations. They had examined his before and after pictures and noticed that not only does his skin look totally different from the way it appeared in the past but it also looks far too young to be that of a man of 45, regardless of how often they might diet or exercise.

Possible Facelift

The first surgery that they had brainstormed and one that they all agree upon is a browlift. The experts have all decided that where there should be some prominent frown lines, there are absolutely none which are noticeable on him. There is also a hint to Wahlberg possibly undergoing a complete facial reconstruction but there is no real definite source that is indicating that.

Another thing that they had noticed is that he looks awfully slimmer than he has in the past, just in recent months and when an individual drops weight that quickly it is usually linked to a tummy tuck. Especially in a man of his years, dropping weight that quickly, simply from eating properly and adequate exercise, just doesn’t quite hit the mark that quickly as the immediate results of a tummy tuck.

The fans however, simply aren’t buying the fact that he had cheated with a tummy tuck, they firmly believe in their hearts that he had dropped the weight because of a possible crash diet, combined with strenuous exercise. They obviously love their Donny but let’s get real, there is no way that a 45 year old man is going to drop weight that quickly simply based on the merits of diet and exercise.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Browlift
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Possible Fillers

A Walburger and a Side of Speculation

Donnie Wahlberg plastic surgery is up in the air as far as any admissions are concerned but any trained eye or even a casual observer can notice the abrupt physical changes that Wahlberg has undergone. Whether or not he is trying to look better for his new show or his new wife, it looks for certain.