Candice Swanepoel Bra Size

Candice Swanepoel Bra Size – Before and After Pictures

Candice Swanepoel Biography

She was born on the 20th of October 1988 in Mooi Rive South Africa. She is a South African model and a Victoria Secret Angel. She was ranked the 10th highest paid model by the Forbes magazine. She has been the cover model for different magazines in several countries including Mexico and Brazil. She has also modeled for the Kardashian’s online swimwear. She was discovered by a model scout when she was only fifteen years old. She is fluent in three languages, English, Afrikaans and Portuguese. She is dating the Brazilian male model Herman Nicoli since she was seventeen years old. She learnt Portuguese from her boyfriend. She is friends with the model Behati Prinsloo.

“Your body is a machine. Learn the right way to take care of it.”

Candice Swanepoel Bra Size

Most Victoria secrets angels have been associated with cosmetic surgery. The modeling agency has often been criticized for putting a lot of pressure on their models. Candice is no exception, it is rumored that she had her boobs augmentated for obvious reasons. The modeling world is intense and there is no compromise on the degree of stunning women have to attain. During her earlier days in the industry, the sensational model had a relatively small cup size but this is no longer the case. Considering that she was only fifteen when she was discovered, you could argue that her new boobs grew naturally. However, doubt is placed over the nature of her boobs due to the rate at which they grow.

How True are the Rumors?

Unless the celebrity in question confirms the trending accusations, it is never easy to give an official statement. With all the before and after pictures of the model trending all over the internet, a difference in cup size does not prove much and her silence does not make things any easier. Her body size has further fuelled the speculations. It is a common belief that slender women have a small cup size and Candice’s 32 B cup size is subject to speculations. As a model, she has worked immensely to burn excess fats and thus weight gain cannot be the reason behind the growth in her cup size.

 What Does Candice Have to Say?

The South African model has not responded to the trending allegations. Her fans and critics do all the work. Her bikini clad pictures have continuously trended on the internet starting her cup size debate all over again. It has also been argued that her cup size looks bigger because she is fond of padded bras. Wearing the right size of bra, push up and padded bras have for a long time been done by women looking to increase their cup size temporarily.

Surgery Results

Candice looks perfect in her new cup size. Whether or not she acquired it through surgery, she has definitely managed to improve her physical appearance. Though model slender, she is curvy and attractive. With her flat tummy and relatively wide hips, Candice is the perfect supermodel who is the envy of most young women. Her 32 B cup size is proportionate to her body size and given that she knows how to dress her body, her breast implants were a definite success.