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China Doll

She is a beautiful and skillful actress, who in the late 80’s and 90’s became a hot commodity in television and on the silver screen. Dana Delany plastic surgery tell us the story of when an aging beauty, comes face to face with career mortality and her instinctive reaction towards it’s adversity.
What does a successful actress do when the lines begin to define? Maybe a nip and a tuck? or a Botox cocktail on the rocks? In this episode we find out what the gorgeous Dana Delany does when she arrives at the crossroads of her career and life.

“I have faith in my imperfections!”


Born on March 13, 1956, in New York City and then brought up in Stamford, Connecticut, Dana Delany knew from a very early age that she was destined to become an actress. After graduation from Wesleyan University, she then moved to New York and developed her skills working in theater and daytime television.
She received critical acclaim in a number of off-Broadway shows, one being “A Life”. Her popularity continued to grow and this became the catalyst for a push to the bright lights of Hollywood. Dana acted in a number of TV series and her big dream of obtaining her own starring vehicle would soon come true.
In 1988, Dana got her chance for a headlining turn as Army nurse Colleen McMurphy in TV’s critically applauded series “China Beach”. Her talent and skills shone through and she earned three Emmy nominations and two Emmy Awards for Best Actress. She went on to star in more TV and Feature films in the following decades to come.

Preservation of A Beauty

Speculation over Delany Utilizing the conveniences of plastic surgery were pretty easy to spot. Many people noticed that her eyelid looked really droopy, likely from an elevated use of Botox. Also, the same issue seems to be happening in the area of her forehead. It is known that when there are frequent and possibly larger dose injections of Botox, that the effects can become averse and do the complete opposite of what the person is seeking. There are times also, when the needle hits dead on with a nerve, which will send the nerve and that area to spasm, causing the droopiness.
According to sources, many of Delany’s die-hard fans were actually a little upset over her supposed excessive use of Botox, but once again, when in the position that she is in, one needs to take precautions as such to ensure survival in a very competitive and young industry.
Her face appears to be absolutely void of wrinkles too. There are rumors to the possibility of Delaney maybe getting a full on Facelift, but at this current juncture it is hard to tell.
All in all, aside from the negative reactions to the Botox injections, Dana looks pretty darn good, youthful and she shows tight skin that is not too extreme or strange in the plastic surgery sense. As far as procedures, there is not a huge amount to tell:

Under the Knife Points:

  • Botox injection / forehead
  • Facial reconstruction (possibly)
  • Eyelid surgery (possible)

A Mature Babe for Indeed

In the opinions of many, Dana Delany is one of the the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, and at her age, that is saying quite a bit.
Dana Delany plastic surgery is a simple case of an aging actress trying to preserve her place and longevity. She has admitted to using Botox, of course when the evidence is so clearly visible for the world to see, it is hard to deny. She does still look quite beautiful and youthful, so if that was indeed her plan, it most certainly appears to have paid off handsomely for her. The procedures were a success in the end and Delany should be content with the results.