Emily Procter plastic surgery

Emily Procter Before and After Photos

Emily Procter is a very stunning woman, long blond hair, big blue eyes. Only one problem, she struggles mightily in the acting department. That’s ok though, nobody on CSI:Miami ever really seemed to mind. Although not an old woman, she is, in Hollywood terms, maybe getting a little longer in the tooth. shes got the goods but once again, getting a little older. What the girl needs is a waltz…a waltz with… the knife… set things right and bring that youthful face back into the spotlight. Emily Procter plastic surgery is when a woman gets older and she is between roles on TV, What does she do to get back in the favor with the fans and her fanboys? Why don’t we take a look for ourselves.

It’s amazing what sleep does for your looks.”


Born on october 8, 1968, Emily Proctor was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. While working on her degrees in college, She moved to Los Angeles. After graduation, her father offered to pay for her acting classes (smart man), and she accepted. Her first Hollywood role came in Tobey Maguires short lived 1992 television show “Great Scott”. She ended up getting a few roles in films like 95’s “Leaving Las Vegas” and an appearance on the mega-show “Friends”. Her star continued it’s rise, in 2000 when she joined the tube busting show “The West Wing” . Her character on the show became the love interest of Rob Lowes character which shone a little more limelight on her.
Many supporting roles in films like “Jerry Maguire” and HBO movies carried her to a comfy place in Tinseltown. Eventually these moves would get her to her breakthrough role in Televisions hit forensic crimie show, CSI:MIAMI in 2002. She would continue her run with the show up until a few years ago.

Bad Actress Seen in Bad Lighting

There have been speculations running amuck concerning Proctor getting a phantom assortment of different procedures. One that stands pretty clear is Botox injections in her lips, Juvederm or Restylane are possibly key as well.
People have noticed that a lot of fine lines in her face and forehead have disappeared and by the looks of it it must’ve been an injection. Her face looks to virginal to have had any trauma of the knife at work.
Her breast have always been her best acting skill, when people say “method acting” , in Procters case, her method is unbuttoning her blouse a little more when the scene calls for her best work.
Her best assets have been noticed lately as maybe getting a little on the bigger side in a short period of time and if you take a sneak peek at her befores and afters, she actually may have gotten something done in that magical number called the knife.

Under the Knife Points:The Procedure List

  • Botox Lips / Possibly forehead
  • Browlift (possibility)
  • Breast Augmentation
  • nose job

A Day in the Knife

So what happens when an actress who couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag loses her bread and butter and sense of identity when the big show of your career retires? You say “Hello Mr. Knife, I’m Emily Procter, Sure is nice to meet you” and the meeting would commence and she would walk out of that office when a little more weight on her chest, sorry shoulders,
As it would appear, Emily Procter plastic surgery went pretty well, she looks pretty darned good, that must be said. Will she find her way back to the top? Even though one can spend time under the knife, doesn’t mean that it will be the green light for a career jumpstart. Give Miss. Emily a little while longer to see if her work paid off, or was it a mere plea to attract an 85 yr old rich Hollywood man to be her supporting player the rest of her life, give it time.




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