Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery

The Fable of Chelsea Clinton – Before and After Pics

Who’s the fairest of them all?

Beauty can be a real beast sometimes, with it’s the pursuit and the obsession of it’s capture. What actually happens when the beast finally captures beauty? Case in point, the life and masterwork of one of America’s favorite first daughters, Chelsea Clinton. As most the of country over 25 years of age knows her best as the daughter of one of our most endearing and infamous American presidents, William Jefferson Clinton. The country was madly in love with Chelsea and we watched her grow up in front our very eyes. Dear Chelsea however, was, lets just say, a little short of aesthetically pleasing. She was our little girl no matter the circumstance and by golly, we stuck by her every step of the way. One day however, the mirror mirror on the wall decided to speak up and offer Chelsea a word of advice. The mirror told Chelsea of an excellent cosmetic plastic surgeon in town, so Chelsea didn’t think twice advice. Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery becomes the mythical fable, beast and the beauty.

“Role models really matter. It’s hard to imagine yourself as something you don’t see.”

Our Little Girl

In February of 1980, Chelsea Clinton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. When she and her family moved to Washington D.C., Chelsea began attending public schools until her father eventually became our 41st president. Later on while studying at Stanford University, she graduated with an undergraduate degree then eventually earning her master’s at Oxford University, finally resuming at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. In 2007-08, Clinton became a big supporter of her mother behind her presidential campaign and then a little later on down the road in July of 2010, she got married. In 2016, you can bet that she will rise to the occasion once again to support her mom in a campaign that is poised to make American history.

Snow White and The Knife-Man

If the question were to ever arise and surely it has, about who’s image change became the biggest turn around from plastic surgery work? the peoples answer would have to be unanimously, Chelsea Clinton. Void of speculation, the only real questions were, how much? and How? Answers are, A lot and everywhere. For starters, her nose became visibly slimmer and it’s well documented bump was totally removed. Her large winning gums were understatedly lessened and her chin became a lot more prominent, in a good way. Her surgeon clearly was the man. If the surgeon’s office was a bar, Chelsea would walk in and yell “a round on me”. Stellar work was done, and that girl was to be a happy camper.
The Knife Points – The down-to-it- / nitty gritty, plastic surgery procedure fact sheet:

  • – Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
  • – Chin Augmentation
  • – Gum Injections: Likely consisting the derm fillers of Restylane and Juvederm

Happily Never After

So for now, it seems that the once American princess is finally living happily ever after with her prince charming. It’s refreshing to know that storybook fables such as, “The Ugly Ducking”, “The Princess and the Frog” and even “The Beauty and the Beast” can really become non-fiction and open up into our real lives. We should take comfort in that. A society clinically obsessed with appearances and beauty can learn a real lesson from the legendary tale of Chelsea Clinton. The moral is, if you look deep inside your heart, believe and always think happy thoughts, you may one day be visited by the knife Fairy. Just don’t forget that $30,000.