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Carrie Underwood Before and After Photos

Carrie Underwood was born on March 10, 1983 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. A popular singer and recording artist, Carrie began her musical career at the age of three singing in her local church. She has won the Best Female Vocalist Award 3 times from the Academy of Country Music, and has been named the Country Music Association’s Top Female Vocalist twice. Carrie was the first country singer to win top honors in the popular reality show American Idol, and is currently tied with Kelly Clarkson as the best-selling American Idol winner. Her debut album, Some Hearts, sold over 300,000 copies in it’s first week.
Carrie and her husband Mike Fisher are expecting their first child together sometime during the spring of 2015. The Grammy-winning 31-year old is as popular for her show-stopping beauty as well as her amazing talent.

“I love taking care of myself. We only have one body apiece and it’s going to expire sometime, and I’m going to make sure it’s a long, long time from now.”

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Following her 30th birthday last year, rumors began circulating that Carrie Underwood had undergone rhinoplastic surgery. Plastic surgery experts examined her high school and American Idol photographs and remarked that her nose appears narrower, and the tip of her nose seems to have been reduced in size. Life and Style magazine speculated in the print version of their June 23 edition, that she may have had botox injections to reduce the wrinkles in her forehead and she may also have plumped up her lips with collagen.

Carrie Underwood Nose Job

Not everyone is impressed by the change in the superstar’s appearance. Where she once sported the comfortable natural beauty of the “girl next door,” many think that Carrie’s new face makes her look less approachable and down-to-earth. Critics have even stated that she looked better before the surgery, but that’s pretty much the standard fare in Hollywood.

Carrie’s Reaction To The Rumors

Like most celebrities, Carrie Underwood is probably happy to have the extra publicity generated by the rumors, but for now she isn’t admitting or denying having cosmetic surgery. The pressure to remain young and beautiful is not just a personal choice but a professional one. Hollywood prefers more youthful and glamorous women, and who can blame any celebrity for catering to that demand? To them it isn’t ego that drives them to seek physical perfection, but many of them do see it as a job requirement.

Surgery Results

Even the fans who are disappointed with Carrie’s new nose aren’t saying she looks bad, just different. The sleeker, more feminine shape of her nose puts her within reach of supermodel status compared to the slightly wider and longer nose of her American Idol days, and in a world driven to appreciate statuesque perfection that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Her nose job, if indeed she has had one, was an inarguable success. She still looks like herself, but perhaps slightly more sophisticated and elegant.



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