Caitlyn Jenner Plastic Surgery

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Caitlyn Jenner – Before and After Pictures

It really wasn’t like any other day, or maybe it was, but nonetheless, the world felt a change was coming on, like nothing they’ve ever seen, or at least recently experienced. Within a mere time-frame of just 10 hours, a facial feminization had taken place which turned the world of Bruce Jenner completely around and then some. The great Olympian woke up from what is considered a procedure, as the grandest, most insanely beautiful woman. It was from that point on, she soon figured out, that the world was hers to call her own. Not in what you would call a “scarface” sort of way, but more of like a basic Kardashian supremacy thing. It can be likened to a tribe of peace, culture and moral understanding, without ever being too overbearing or time-consumed. Caitlyn Jenner was at the ground-zero of a new revelation, a state-of-the-art surgical procedure, sheer wondrous amazement, and one which would soon become her ultimate message.

“I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.”

Caitlyn soon found herself in deep retrospect, pondering on her life journey, the power and the courage it has taken to get her to the cusp of womanhood, and her all-too dreaded years at the mercy of society’s ignorance and unflinching steed. She had a significant epiphany that these new revolutionary treatments were her time to shine, her day in the sun and most of all…..

Never Over for This Beauty

As you can see by her before and after pic’s, the man who everybody thought of as the hand-me-down adonis, the lost great, and the refugee of a time gone, she simply barked at the criticism with a genuine cackle, sans regret, and with a fistful of destiny.

What the newfound beauty hoped to accomplish with her new look was, and is, a sense of freedom and everlasting piece with her transgender cohorts, and a place in history that not even Carrot Top himself could ever touch. This particular surgery was beyond compare, and when it finally hit the mainstream, each person who was ready for a change, a departure from the norm, relished in it. The 10-hour facial feminization should be key in taking what used to be a truly complicated process of switching from one gender-to-another to a new technological and societal breakthrough for gender transformation.

The procedures Jenner had undergone were a breast augmentation, chin lift, double eyelid surgery, botox injections and special reconstructioning of her cheekbones. There hasn’t been a series of different procedures done at such a small window of time to have ever come out so successfully. She has never been happier and looks to the future as something highly positive and full of possibilities.

No Questions Asked

The remarkable thing about it is, she healed up so incredibly fast and carefree, for that matter, that by the time she ever realized the details of what she did, she was free to leave the clinic without any questions asked.

Jenner is honestly ready to change the world because seeing that every element of her physical being has been changed, and a natural beauty-esque quality about her has emerged, she knew that the time was now.

Her complete facial structure has been perfectly adapted to fit the mold of what her dreams have been telling her. Her nose has been stunningly slimmed down, her ears have been modified ever so slightly, her lips are plumply rambunctious, and her attitude has gone from doubter/pouter to a true winner in every sense of the word.

Speculated procedures:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Chin lift
  • Double eyelid surgery
  • Botox injections
  • Special reconstructioning of her cheekbones

Elegant and Stunning

Caitlyn Jenner is being considered as the most elegant, stunning, and just downright hot transgender female this side of the Pecos. What she chooses to do with her blinding beauty is not quite known but there should be a live broadcast sometime next year in which she will notify the world of her plans and her dreams in general.



  1. Oh you say she’s a blinding beauty now? And stunning?
    I tried watching that show of hers and it was very hard to watch her talk. Her mouth. I think maybe too many procedures in a short time period caused a very odd/weird looking transgender face.
    More power to her, I guess.

  2. Too much – too much – too much! He had terrible plastic surgery and although hers was a bit better – she still looks freakish.

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