Bella Thorne Bra Size

Last Modified on:  May 23, 2017 @ 8:49 pm

Bella Thorne Bra Size – Before and After Pictures

She is what you would call a stellar beauty with a penchant for unique taste, which, of course, is why she incorporates it in so many of her modeling shoots. Model/actress Bella Thorne began her career as a model at a very young age and ever since then, she has stormed her way to the very top of the ladder. She has undeniable exotic looks which perfectly blend with an American/girl-next-door appeal which just about every man finds completely irresistible. Word has it that her cup size has changed ever so slightly.  So what the media and the entertainment going public wants to know is, “What are the chances that she has possibly seen the plastic surgeon for a little bit of an upgrade?” Bella Thorne bra size controversy is all the rage these days and judging by the reaction of the men folk, it should stay that way for a while.

“Don’t try to impress people. Always be yourself!”

It is being reported that the model’s bra size was originally a 30A and now it is looking to be around a 32B, which is quite the dramatic change for any woman, especially in the spotlight. At this time there is no report coming from her camp and every single agent whom has worked for her has been completely hesitant to make any remarks on the matter.

Maintaining Her Dignity

Strangely enough, out of the blue, her agent from several years ago, somewhere around the time of when she was twelve years old or so, has recently spoken up on her behalf. Even though he has not spoken a word to Thorne in the entire time since, he felt compelled to speak out on her defense in order to maintain some of her dignity.

He was quoted as saying, “leave Bella alone, you can’t see that she was a little deprived upstairs?”. In a 3-page interview with People, he stated that Bella has come so far since he taught her the ways of traditional modeling and the various methods of how to strut your stuff the right way.

Modeling Will Never Be the Same

He feels that because of such a vast jump in bra size has occurred, the townsfolk felt compelled to make it a purely derogatory thing with the media. If there is one true thing which rises from this entire story, it is the honest to goodness fact that modeling will never be the same again.

Director Martin Scorsese and George Lucas have just recently teamed up for an undisclosed Sci-Fi epic, which is poised to come out sometime next year and you can believe it has Thorne’s name all over it.

Scorcese or Bust

So basically Bella Thorne’s new bra size looks great and pretty natural. She is readying herself to become the next big thing in Tinseltown and the world better get ready because if they aren’t, who knows what is going to happen.