Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery

Blythe Danner Before and After Photos

Does Blythe Danner simply have that particular gene instilled in her or was there maybe a little something synthetic maybe applied to make us all wonder if that was the case. This is more than likely what others have been tossing around as well.The insane amount of gossip surrounding celebrities these days can get to the point of incomprehensible but hey, you know what, that’s show biz right. The gossip has been all about Blythe Danner plastic surgery but need to try and make sure that this gossip has a proper foundation of truth behind it before we point the old fingers in her direction.

“I really do like being independent, and I don’t want to have to rely on anyone else to cart me around if I break a bone.”

You can’t help but agree that the woman looks like she could be at least 20 years younger on the opposition side of her age. Much has to do with her beautiful, youthful face. Even though there really hasn’t been any authentication to speak of, Danner has already been assumed a member of the official entry list of the cosmetic surgery club and as of late, she hasn’t put up much of a fight to clear her name from that list.

Blye is Looking Sprye

Try to ponder the idea of Danner actually going through with those speculated plastic surgeries, what would be the most ideal procedure that she may have employed? One that springs to the surface is a face lift but she was also been noted to have had four surgical procedures in the mix, which may not have been the worlds most but it certainly wouldn’t be considered chump change either.

Word has it that Danner had gotten her skin tightened as an effective tool to eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles from that particular area. For a woman over fifty, and Danner most definitely fits the bull, these types of wrinkles are of the common sort.There isn’t even a hit that any loose skin had ever even existed on her face, while at the same time the woman looks about as natural as can be. If there was a face lift, which it sounds like that was the case for sure, the surgeon she had utilized was a consummate professional and the general real deal.

Three in the Books

Even though there are some out there who say that she indeed took up the prospect of four procedures, namely facelifts, there are apparently only three which are officially in the books, signed, sealed and delivered.These prior surgeries which Danner had came out and fully denied that she ever took part in them. Her neck area also looks amazingly free of wear and tear from the age reaper but there has never been any specific speculations regarding any neck procedure but judging by the looks of it, it must be at least considered.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Face Lift (4 suspected prior surgeries)
  • Neck Surgery (Doubtful)

The Good Blythe

Blythe Danner plastic surgery was a little bit of a mystery but some of it was blatant in your face obvious and recorded. It would seem likely that she has a taste of the cosmetic sorcery, when your daughter is Gwyneth Paltrow, you have to raise your game at least to a manageable level. Danner obviously gets the very best there is to offer in that particular field, so manageable is the least of her troubles.