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Considered one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of her generation, Ashley Judd has forged a fine career with some high-profile awards to show for it. The bulk of her heyday came in the late 90’s with a string of hits, which had proved to be the catalyst that propelled her to mega-stardom. These days, Ashley Judd plastic surgery is what appears to be on the minds of her fans and it is also what appears to be the standard among celebrity gossip columnist. What does her story have to say, if anything at all and will it reveal a different side to Ashley that the public may not be aware of…we will see.

“Everything I’ve done has been personally fun, important, and meaningful to me.”

Little About Ash

Ashley Judd was born on April 19, 1968, into a family which of whom were pure country royalty, her mom, being Naomi Judd and her half-sister, the talented Wynonna Judd. Around the time of 1972, her parents had gotten divorced, forcing her to live with her mother in Kentucky. She later went to university in Kentucky and a while after, she went to study in France. As stated above, she broke onto the scene around the time of the mid-90’s, with blockbuster hits like, “ A Time to Kill”, “Double Jeopardy”, “Sister of the YA-YA Hood.” She was recently seen in “ Divergent”, in 2014.

As kosher as her private life has been, straying away from the typical rumors and gossip that seem to plague the average celebrity, she hasn’t quite eluded the rumors and speculations of utilizing plastic surgery. The talks were aggressive, especially when she appeared on the scene with a undeniably visible puffy face.

At the time, the public spotted her rather bloated face, which led to the tabloid and gossip kings and queens to take hold of the story and bolt. There were Botox cries at every turn but her faces appearance couldn’t even be avoided dead center in an amish community. With the aggressive onset of accusations, Judd apparently couldn’t bare it anymore and finally spoke up.

Sticking a Divergent on the Rumors

She reported back to the entertainment community that she had been suffering from a sinus infection in the recent weeks, that required her to consume steroids to eliminate the swelling which accompanied the apparent bad reaction. She also cited that the speculations were, “nasty, gendered and misogynistic” and then she added, “That the conversation about my face was initially promulgated largely by women is a sad and disturbing fact.”

Several celebrity surgeons jumped onto the scene to support and confirm Judd’s comments, stating that nobody had been aware of the possible adversity that she underwent, and they also said that they will look into it to find out if there is any particular type of testing that could be done prior to surgery, which could ideally let them know ahead of time if such reactions can occur or not. They also are wanting to understand the what the base cause of her bad reaction.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox Injection

A Puffy Subject

Ashley judd plastic surgery apparently didn’t quite go to well and luckily, the swelling has eventually gone down since the incident. The before and afters show major signs of the swelling and that she must have actually gone through some pain on top of the embarrassment which obviously soon followed once she made her post surgery public debut. Hopefully, sometime soon, down the road, there will be statements as to what was the underlying cause of her bad reaction was and from there, hopefully that type of incident will become just a thing of the past.



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