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Barry Manilow Before and After Photos

One Night Only….The Manilow

Dim the lights please, thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment, we got something real special tonight. Not just any kind of special, we’re talking about the man. We’re talking about…the Manilow. Songster extraordinaire. Demon on the piano with a solid dose of swag, almost too much for a man to carry. We talkin’ bout Barry. Barry Manilow plastic surgery is a fable about a king of Vegas, staring up at those dimming lights of vitality. What would Barry do? You might just ask yourself. Good point, what would Barry do?

“I was the Justin Bieber of the ’70s. Really, I was.”


His majesty, Barry Manilow was born on June 17, 1943 in the Brooklyn section of the fair city of New York. Manilow had a big interest in music early on, as a youngster he learned to play a variety of instruments. He went on with his bad self to attend the great Juilliard School and then became a musical director of CBS.
He wrote tunes for Broadway and then he did a little jungle writing for commercials, including one for Mcdonalds. His break slowly started to form when he teamed up with the then unknown, Bette Midler. He helped Midler with her debut album that went on to win Grammy’s. Eventually the swag king would go solo and release to the world hits like “Mandy”, “Copacabana”, and many more, I mean come on it’s Barry, nuff said, right?
Manilow has won Grammy’s, he topped the Billboards, selling out shows for years and he got inducted in the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame in 2002. The man still is doing his thing in Las Vegas with a permanent residency, dude…Barry, of course Vegas.

Barry Lookin’ Little Scary

1995 sparked the beginning of Barry Manilow’s knife happy obsession. He got a full on face lift and his adoring fines weren’t fooled, Barry got knifed. It didn’t stop there either, he went for another round of the knife in 2003, this time he got yet another facelift but he also wanted to bust out an eyelid operation for good measure.
Come 2006, Barry goes, you know what, I’m feeling like a little Botox, and he made it happen. His final surgery as of yet anyway came in 2013, with insanely enough, another facelift and eyelid surgery. Apparently that combo is like his burger and fries and boy did he supersize it or what?
Barry’s Look over the years got super strange…beeezzarrr. Totally pulled back face of leather, strange tight forehead plus the classic Manilow hairdo that he should have ditched 30 years ago. The dude is a cheese factory running shifts around the clock, but that’s why we love the guy.

Under the Knife Points:The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction (1995-2003-2013)
  • Eyelid surgery (2003-2013)
  • Botox (2006)

Curtain Call for His Majesty

The thing about Barry Manilow plastic surgery went relatively well, the other thing about Barry, he just had too many of them. Now he’s looking pretty out there, you’ve seen it many times before, flaked out to a certain freakishness only Barry can pull off. We’re talking about the Manilow remember, no matter how tripped out, no matter how repellent, dude runs a swagathon, everyday, all day and all night.