Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery

Amanda Lepore Before and After Photos

The Sideshow Highlife

You could call her a model, you could call her an artist or you could call her a freak. A strange but innocent beast of nature, lurking in the shadows…waiting for another shot,one which would likely never come. Amanda Lepore plastic surgery is about a gal who used to be a man, with a face distorted by the feverish knife, a sick, twisted cruel and all too often done prank from his majesty. Will she hide, will she run or will she find solace on his warm table once again. Let’s take a walk among the circus freaks and the other strange oddities of midnight, let Miss. Lepore lead you the way….


Born in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, Amanda Leopold was born Armand, yes that’s a boys name that is because, that is precisely what she was, so many years ago. Early on, Armand knew deep down that he was a girl and then decided to start hanging out with the transgender crowd.
He ended up befriending a particular transgender, one in which he used to make costumes for in exchange for female hormones. At 17, through a legal loophole, Amanda got married to a bookstore owner and then was he granted sex reassignment surgery.Dude officially looked like a lady and soon she moved on to the nightclub scene to build a name for herself.
Amanda would end up making it big in modeling, posing for a number of different magazines of serious high fashion. This would thrust her into a little bit of Hollywood action, getting roles in low-budget films, music videos and some well regarded documentaries.
In 2003, lepore released an album of electronic/trance music and this career move paid off pretty well for her, sending her on big tours and travels through all across the world. She has her own merchandise biz, from clothes to perfume and even a Swatch watch with her likeness.

Curse of the Catwoman

It ain’t no lie when you say that this chick right here has seen a lot of surgeries and a lot of one-on-one time with the knife. Each and every time, she got even more stranger. It has been said countless times that her asspired look was to resemble a wild cat and then her ideas changed to wanting to look like Marilyn Monroe or Jessica Rabbit. She may have overdone it a little in the process.
She has been reported to getting a forehead lift, face lift, eyelid surgery, Rhinoplasty, Botox and breast Augmentations, One thing you need to be reminded of is that each one of these surgeries were done in multiples. She basically paid thousand upon thousands to look like a misfit beast of burden.
Looking at her face, what can you say, warped, stretched, altered to the hilt and she almost resembles something in a horror flick. These were not in any way meant to slander or demoralize, these are choice words to simply best describe her appearance, that is all, ladies and gents.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty (multiple)
  • Facelift (multiple)
  • Forehead Lift (multiple)
  • Eyelid Surgery (multiple)
  • Botox Injections (multiple)
  • Breast Augmentations

Botched Tragedy

Amanda Lepore plastic surgery will be one of myth and legend, centuries down the line. It is a heroic story of a overly botched tragedy of the highest measure, What goes on inside the hearts and the heads of man, to make them go to such enormous lengths, simply for the presentation of their flesh. Wonders never cease, especially with Lepore.



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