Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Those who are lovers of tennis or even sports in general most likely know the name Serena Williams. She not only risen to the very top of the tennis circuit but she did so in a very quick amount of time, which most players within the game normally do not do. She has won a ton of Grand Slam titles and her face has become virtually seen everywhere, reaching iconic status. However, the latest headlines regarding her to make the news is Serena Williams plastic surgery and just by simply taking a look at her brassiere size, there is a good reason why.

“No one likes getting their nails done more than I do.”


The rumor mill has been filled with cosmetic talk and the procedures in question are a rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and a breast augmentation. A few of her representatives have made a few comments in the direction of there being a chance of it but they quickly shied away from the subject before it got too indepth. Fans quickly spotted the noticeable difference in her breast size but some of them have made comments stating that they believe she never got near the plastic surgeon’s knife.

Nose Job?

Her nose looks like it could have very well gotten a little attention just by taking a look at her before and after pics you can see a few differences but nothing major. Her nose looks less prominent at the base then it used to look, exuding a more narrow, leaner look at the base. In order to balance it out, the bridge looks as if it was slightly widened, resulting in a great work overall.

Breast Augmentation

The speculated breast augmentation deserves the merit it has gotten because it looks just a little too obvious in her new pics. She did happen to wear a very low cut top with an excessive v to accentuate her breast but regardless, the changes were anything but deniable. What you can see shows that her procedure was done considerably well but it would take a more thorough examination.

Why people have mentioned the possibility of Williams getting eyelid surgery is because in a few of those recently released before and afters, her eyelids due appear to be slightly shifted and maybe a little swollen than they have in years prior. Some individuals who are speaking out against the Serena Williams plastic surgery believe firmly that the eyelid surgery rumors were completed fabricated, rendering them pointless to even take interest in.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyelid Surgery

Breast Augmentation Looks for Certain

Serena Williams plastic surgery looks to be at least half-true, mainly regarding her breast augmentation. It still is not totally for certain, as with most rumors circulating over plastic surgery, you just have to take them with just a grain of salt. Several people out there like to cause rumors in order to create trouble for a particular celebrity but usually after a little time, it fades away without showing signs of authenticity. Everything appears to great in Serena Williams’ life, nothing have changed as far as herprocedures becoming a detriment.