Shin Se kyung Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 24, 2017 @ 3:40 pm

Shin Se-kyung Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

In South Korea, there are plenty of beautiful actresses.  This is a fact which most people in the film industry are well aware of. If you are talking about stunning, there are simply a very few that come to mind, but if you are wondering what Korean actress is the epitome of a drop dead knockout, it has got to be Shin Se Kyung. Rumors have been swirling around lately questioning if the actress has gone under the knife recently. Because of her innocent beauty and youthful appeal, there are several disbelievers out there. So the question at hand is, did Shin Se Kyung’s plastic surgery ever occur and if it did, what does it mean for her career?

Many of the actress’ fans are besides themselves in regards to what the accusations might mean to her career. She is said to have possibly received eyelid surgery, jaw reconstruction, and cheek implants. By comparing the look of her before and after pic’s, you can tell that maybe these accusations have some truth behind them.

A Newfound Sexiness

When glancing at her eyelids, you can tell that they are noticeably narrow when compared to how they used to appear. She has more of that classic “bedroom eyes” look to her and when you look at her new appearance with unbiased eyes, you will notice that it adds a newfound element of sexiness which was never there before.

The next speculated procedure that everybody noticed is in her jawline, revealing a new firmness and a maturity in which her signature babyface exudes a raw beauty never seen prior. Judging by how much finesse her new jawline has, especially when compared to earlier pics, there is simply no doubt that she more than likely received a little attention from plastic surgeon. The work looks fantastic, and it certainly adds depth to her style and integrity as an actress.  Everyone agrees that she will no doubt incorporate this feel into her future works.

The latest suspect procedure is regarding possible cheek implants.  As it stands now, there are several individuals, especially her fans, who believe that she never engaged in the procedure. Her latest photos verify that her fans may be onto something. This conclusion comes from virtually every comparison made to her earlier photos, and in them you can clearly see that any differences are few and far between. So, even though there has not been any official word from the insiders to make any agreeance, it looks like that verdict will stand.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Jawline Reconstruction
  • Cheek Implants

A Darn Fine Looking Woman

Shin Se Kyung’s plastic surgery rumor is obviously a truth. At least it really seems that way, but judging by the finished product, the actress is more striking than she has ever been. The fact that no one has come forth to admit these speculations essentially means that there is no word regarding the surgeon behind this fantastic masterwork. Whatever information trickles through the grapevine, Shin Se Kyung is a darn fine looking woman who could be poised to make a name in the states if she felt so inclined.