No Min woo Plastic Surgery

No Min Woo Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

In popular Korean culture, plastic surgery has become one of the most sought after types of procedures, in order to secure one’s youth and vibrancy. South Korea especially due to the film industry and entertainment in general. Enhancing the characteristics of youth are big in the country and a great example of that is No Min Woo plastic surgery and due to the recent release of some before and after pictures and the internet.

Speculation has run rampant because yes, in South Korea plastic surgery is very popular but actor No Min Woo has a sort of demeanor to where you would think he wasn’t the type that would have done so. He has always exuded the boy-next-door look major films like “Pasta” would never be the same without his presence and expertise.

Possible Studio Decision?

Min Woo is no doubt a handsome actor and where he sits in the star-system in South Korea, it may have prompted him to seek out cosmetic procedures if he felt that he needed to. Even though he is a fantastic actor, his looks are an obvious priority and there is also possibility that the studio was behind it.

The speculations regard that the actor underwent a rhinoplasty and maybe a possible cheek lift. Because of plastic surgery’s popularity in South Korea, there hasn’t been any derogatory backfire from fellow actors or fans. What is odd is that, judging by his suspected changes, his appearance almost gives off the impression that he was attempting to look like a more mature man.

Visible Signs of Procedures

The possible rhinoplasty he may have had shows almost a slight increase in size, which adds to the mature look that he may have been going for. His nose appears to have been sculpted at the base, showing signs of widening and at the tip, a narrowing which blends in perfectly within the entire region of the nose. His nose had a look which was more softer and feminine to a certain degree.

Many people out there really don’t see why he chose to go that route and even though it may not be detrimental to his career as a whole, it might however alter his choices of characters in upcoming films. The classic boyishness has been diminished ever-so slightly but the procedures have appeared to have come out well. Some folks out there believe that he may have utilized a little makeup to gain that effect on his nose but as with the rest of these type of claims, there is only speculation.

The supposed cheek lift procedure that was suspected is based on his latest pics showing a little lifting and minor markings, indicating that No Min Woo may have gotten a little work done. There appears to be not a whole lot of alterations in that region but it appears to have looks like if there was, the work was done with skill and care. If you really examine the new photo’s you can see that the look will more than likely compliment the mature effect in which he more than likely was going for.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Cheek Lift

Career Stays Strong

No Min Woo plastic surgery looks to have been a great possibility but overall the work looks like it was done well and without any types of mistakes. It is undeniable that what was done won’t affect his career and it may just possibly enhance it in the long run.