Meagan Good Plastic Surgery

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Even though she is still only in her early thirties, Meagan Good has found herself directly at the very center of the plastic surgery controversy ring. She has been apart of several hit films and television appearances and with that, she has not only built acclaim in the U.S. but internationally as well. So many of her fans as well as media publicist have noticed as of late that her appearance has altered considerably, leading to speculations that Meagan Good plastic surgery may have taken place.

“The beauty of having short hair is that I actually can wash and style it at home!”

It is in no way any surprise, considering the profession in which she works but at such an early age, people wonder why Good would even want to pursue such dramatic changes in her appearance. It is true however, that there really is an immense pressure to always keep your image at the top of it’s game and it looks as if Good had that very same idea.

Stretch Marks Surface

To begin, several have made it a point of saying that Good had undergone a breast augmentation in order to elevate the size of her breast. They have also made it a point to cite that the skin on her breast is very tight and very stretched and this has ultimately resulted in the appearance of stretch marks.

It really looks as if the size of the breast that she had desired may have been a little too big for what the skin on her chest was able to allow. Her frame also looks to be a tad bit too slight to be able to support that particular size of breast and the way they look is simply uneven with her appearance.

The controversy surrounding Good’s breast augmentation has looked to possibly motivate her into going back to the drawing board to reduce the poor work that had been employed in order to alleviate the relative miniscule disfigurement. Several of her fans believe that if she does in fact reduce some of those unfortunate results, that it will more than likely preserve some of the natural beauty that she is known to possess.

Too Much Filler

Another procedure has been added to the list of what Good has acquired and by the sounds of it, she has obtained cheek implants as well. This is the type of procedure that many believe actually benefits people who are younger in age but in her case, people have pointed out that the recent procedure has made her cheeks look overly bloated and unnaturally swollen. If you look at her before and after pics, you will see that her eyes are always squinting in the more recent ones and this is a sign that she has obtained too much filler in her cheeks.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Cheek Implants

Back to the Drawing Board

Megan Good plastic surgery is by the looks of it a bit of a failure of sorts. The work that she had employed had good intentions but it ultimately failed as so many seem to do. It sounds though that she is being proactive in fixing some of the mistakes that she had gotten done and hopefully one way is by hiring a more proven surgeon who has only the best for her in mind.