Michael Learned Plastic Surgery

Michael Learned Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Women who are lucky enough to be gifted with both stunning beauty and raw talent often find themselves smack-dab in the middle of the entertainment industry.  It is desirable for both sexes to see a physically appealing actress or actor either on the small or big screen. If one thing’s for certain, it is that nothing lasts forever, and yes, that goes for both sexes as well. So, it is without a doubt that actresses like Michael Learned try to nip the progression of age in the bud before the signs of aging are too severe to intervene. Below, you will discover everything you want to know about Michael Learned’s plastic surgery.

Michael learned is highly regarded as the mother figure on the iconic TV show “The Waltons,” and even though the Waltons has been long on the shelf of syndication, she has managed to keep her spot in the limelight for many years.

“I never had a driving ambition to be a star.”

“Shocking Appearance Prior to Surgery”

A few years ago, the Waltons gathered together again in a cast reunion that the public couldn’t get enough of. However, this appearance sparked the tongues of people who couldn’t help but notice how much Learned has aged.  The harshness of the reactions of her fans was unrelenting as they went so far to call her unattractive.

Apparently deeply affected by what the public thought of her recent physical appearance, she decided to do a little something about it. Word has it that recently she had been spotted looking actually quite beautiful. Another word is that she had obtained this recent beautification from undergoing what looks to be a facial reconstruction or something very close to that.

“A Little Synthetic Looking Maybe”

As lovely as Learned appears, the public can’t help but feel that her new look simply displays an utter fakeness. It is interesting that her fans have judged her by the standard of a character that she played on an old-fashioned, historically-laden show.  As if there was no realization that she was an actress playing a part, and not actually a matronly mother from history.

The results of her facelift is split down the middle in regards to the favor/disapproval ratio of the fans and the general public. The look of her face now sports a tautness, yet it is important to consider that Mrs. Learned is at the age of 75. The tightness could be considered attractive, albeit unnatural, and that is what so many fans are having issues with.

The profound changes in her eyes received the brunt of the negative. If you look at her recently taken pictures, you will notice that she has an undeniable squint that looks rather peculiar.  Just glancing at the pictures it is easy to pass judgement on her plastic surgeon.  Could this be a case of botox gone bad?  Or a botched eyelid lift?

Under the Knife Points:The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Possible Fillers
  •  Eyelid lift

“It’s a Walton Thing”

The opinions on Michael Learned’s plastic surgery range from negative to positive, especially with her fans who really saw her as the motherly face of the Waltons.  Although every attempted plastic surgery that doesn’t turn out as perfection is dissected by all who see them, clearly it’s not the worst outcome of a procedure like hers.  The issue really appears to be coming directly from the Walton die-hards who can’t accept the reality that the actress is still human, naturally got older, and was merely looking for a way to stave off the unfortunate disposition of age.