Vicki Gunvalson Plastic Surgery

Vicki Gunvalson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Real Housewife Gets Real Sexy

Star of Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson began to get a sense of controversy in and around the time of 2012. This was do to the heckling and name calling she had received, due to the changes she had been pursuing in her facial region. When she did, her whole fandom and celebrity gossipers alike turned their heads to see that Vicki Gunvalson plastic surgery may not have been a bad idea afterall.

Gunvalson took on a whole different innovative approach to her latest cosmetic endeavor, to the extent that her image has just simply transformed overall. Several individuals felt that the changes were of a positive nature and that the work and inspiration behind it were a solid choice. There are however many who feel opposed to the outcome in one way or another.

This gal really does appear to be a good woman and even though she stars on a reality show, you can still see a immense amount of talent in her work. It was an event that made Gunvalson motivate and inspire her much publicized plastic surgery romp. It was when fellow star, Slade Smiley had made some insult her way in regards to her weight and he basically called her a pig.This is indeed what had grabbed her attention and made her take the leap.

50 and Sexy

This is a 50 year old woman here and she certainly needs more respect than that right? It just doesn’t come easy for a woman of that age to fight off weight and wrinkles but she used it to her advantage and made the very best she could of it.

There were times though when she had made her own remarks considering the state of her weight condition as she felt that it had been out of proportion on more than a few occasions. Between these revelations and the nasty comment, she then decided to trim up to best reassure that her beauty reveal it’s ultimate potential. She even threw in a couple more procedures as well.

She had cited acquiring a Rhinoplasty, Lip Fillers and Liposuction in order to look her most sophisticated.The Rhinoplasty had come out really nice and the whole look of it was slimmed down and narrowed just right. The shape was expertly crafted in the features, as far as where the bridge meets the nostrils and the work of the nostrils themselves.

Cruel Comments Pave the Way

Her lips look enhanced by lip fillers too, they are much fatter than they used to be but they also have just a nice voluptuous appearance. The surgeon had no doubt known what he was doing. Then the Liposuction had taken care of the extra weight she had sagging around her also, she completely looked like a new woman and this is the kind of look you know she was striving for ever since she had received those cruel comment from Slade.

Under the Knife: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Lip Filler
  • Liposuction

Awesome New Look

Vicki Gunvalson plastic surgery took a really bad time and made an awesome new look for a woman who was desperately in search of one, even though most of us thought she was pretty hot to begin with. No she will no doubt be the defining leader of the show with her new which is sure to trump the rest of the gals on the show.



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