Sean Patrick Flanery Plastic Surgery

Sean Patrick Flanery Before and After Photos

Boondock Complaints

He may not be a mega-star but he will certainly be a favorite among the fans of the endearing cult film ”The Boondock Saints.” An actor who has made his way in various forms on the small and big screen, sean patrick flanery plastic surgery is simply the tale of saving face. Who doesn’t want to keep the winning streak alive? Most importantly, who doesn’t want to stay young forever? You decide…..
Sean Patrick Flanery was born on October 11, 1965. He is most famous for his role in the aforementioned Boondock Saints but he is also well known for films like “Cruel Intentions” and for the short lived television series “The young Indiana Jones.”

“The best films in the world, you’ve got to beg and plead and try your best to get.”

Flanery Row

As it sits, the man is 48 years old and by a simple gander, he looks young for his age. If you really look at him though there are a series of things that appear different, all together. From the Flanery that we have grown accustomed to seeing, is looking different these days and the fans can’t help but notice. Thus begins the rumor mill and the speculations of the curious and wonderous.
The word is that the changes are rather negative and if you examine Flannery’s before and after pics, agreeing with the people would seem like a fair bet, The changes that were attempted appear of the unnecessary nature and but if you compare his results to some other past disasters, it couldve been worse.

Is That Sean Dude?

He definitely looks like he utilized a face lift, eye surgery and by the looks of his eyes, it looks like a double. His face is absolutely void of any wrinkles and he is sans any fine lines and the result makes Flanery at times, a little hard to recognize.
Anybody who has looked at Flannery in recent times can also point out that his eyes really went through a serious transformation and what looks to be maybe a little duress. His eyes used to be saggy and they were visibly droopy with perpetual dark circles underneath. Now they look normal, a little too normal and when you have eyes where the skin around looks almost pre-pubescent on a 48 year old…maybe a little different.
A lot of the surgery went pretty well but from a neutral standpoint, the mix between some of his face and his eyes do not mesh. This is simply based on the usual hear-say though. So far there hasn’t been a word confirmed about Flanery’s possible redux, so it is a hard one to call.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Surgery Checklist

  • Facelift(Presumable)
  • Double Eyelid Surgery(Presumable)

Our Man Flan

Tell you what, if Sean Patrick Flanery plastic surgery did take place then ,maybe it was a little of a misstep but if it didn’t, what does that say about what the public thinks of his current appearance and physical state? Honestly, in those regards, that might be one of the very few times that you actually root for the result of his appearance to be from surgery and not a result from either a bad diet, bad habits or just unique physical genetic traits at work. Still though, Flanery is the man, and even though he might be at a little lull in his career at the moment, it doesn’t mean that the man won’t rise from the ashes like a phoenix and dazzle us with the greatest show business comeback in the history of the earth now…right?