Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery

Scott Thorson Before and After Photos

It is a common fact that half of the worlds population concern themselves over matters of vanity. There are even some out there who spend half of their hard-earned incomes on looking attractive and appealing to others. The quest and attention for beauty is a basic rite of passage among human beings. The problem for some is, it can become an obsession and the addiction can take the individual into a world of darkness and eventually self-loathing. One pseudo-celebrity knows the fable all too well. Scott Thorson plastic surgery, in this case, is that fable.

The speculation of Scott Thorson’s plastic surgery intrigued the public and it stole the attentions of many folks who never would have turned a blind eye to such matters. When new details were released regarding the happenings of Thorson’s procedures, the fans set their time aside to listen.

A Story of Peculiar Details

The Most peculiar aspect of this story is that Thorson’s inspiration for his new look was dreamt up in an attempt to replicate his then lovers younger self, Liberace. The idea sounds rather crazy, but these particular elements are the reasons as to why this story made the headlines, which resulted in capturing the attention of the world.

The latest gossip in Tinseltown completely surrounded itself over the latest boy toy of the legendary songster, Liberace. The boy toy’s book, coupled with the odd circumstances of his cosmetic surgery are the interesting concepts which make this story so attention grabbing. His book, deals with all the ins and outs and the juicy details of his rocky relationship with Liberace. The romance between the two was so potent that it led to the man undergoing serious cosmetic procedures in order to respect the wishes of his significant other.

The obsession to regain youth can make a person act and do things beyond their comfort zone, for which they would normally never do. They tend to risk their health and their happiness in order to obtain this elusive sense of sexiness for which they will likely never find, due to an unreal goal set before them. Thorson cites that he was virtually forced to undergo the surgeries, which entailed a Rhinoplasty, chin lift and facial reconstructioning.

Looking Back Shows Cosmetic Surgeries Vast Upgrades

The Rhinoplasty work done on Scott was an average job at best but one must consider the time period and then realize that the knowledge and equipment used during the era was subpar when compared to today. The structure was thinned out, especially at the base. Then, the nostrils carry the quintessential pinched appearance, ending with a slight upturn at the tip.

His chin was lowered and slimmed but also shaped accordingly to the look of Liberace. He also has a slight cleft that was newly added. The overall appearance of Thorson’s chin is an average to above average job which serves the individual appropriately.

The facelift entails a basic chiseling in and around the region of the jaw, reaching up into the regions of the upper cheeks and cheekbones. The area looks slimmer, fine and a compliment to his facial structure. One element which appears slightly off is of the areas which reach towards the temples, there is almost an odd pock mark pattern that looks to be as a result of an error in the procedure.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Chin Lift
  • Facial Reconstruction

The Humble Abode of Liberace is Happy

Scott Thorson plastic surgery is an odd duck, which stands as a gem of oddities amongst the hundreds upon hundreds of procedure stories we have all heard about throughout the years. The work was done in a decent manner and the benefactor, Liberace, should have been pleased with the results.