ronn moss plastic surgery

Ronn Moss Before and After Photos

The Cheese Melteth Over

It’s not Wisconsin. If you are in search of a truly great representation of cheese, it’s Ronn Moss. Cheese extraordinair. The man is a parody of cool meets has been. A living, breathing and operating memory of a bygone era. We are talkin’ the Moss here. Legendary member of the “Bold and the Beautiful” alumni. The guy can shred out on the bass , along with bearing a voice of an angel. He also has a name made in porno heaven but Most importantly, ladies dig the cheese. Ronn Moss plastic surgery poses an ancient old question, when your assets run low or in this case old, do you tango with the knife? Or do you keep it real? Let’s open Ronn Moss’s factory of cheese.


Too cool for words, Ronn Moss was born on March 4, 1952, in Los Angeles, Ca. Moss grew up surrounded by music and later became an esteemed founding member of the 70’s band “Player.” They were the soul behind the song “Baby Come Back”
Dudes band built a fan base around the world but sadly, Player lost touch with it’s audience , leading to greatest cheese got too moldy too soon story.
The man would take his colonel of cool status all the way into daytime television with his fashionable entrance in The Bold and the Beautiful as Ridge(another porn name).
Moss was on bold from ’87 all the way up to his exit in 2012, leaving people confused and shaken. The hero, where did he go?, what did he do? We were just getting to learn so much about our existence through Ronn, to only have it swept away. It wouldn’t be the last of the colonel, no sir…wait and see.

A Hero Rises…

His chees-esty, found his name written on the plastic surgery speculation list. There was just so much he could hide, it was a desperate time, falling prey to the clock. He..must…find..a…way.
Firstly, his eyes have definitely been open up quite a bit, looking at a picture from a couple years ago, you see serious changes. also, the bags that he had under his eyes previously are absolutely gone. No doubt in the whole block of cheese that an eyelid procedure went underway.
Next, another surprising element is his chin. He has always had kind of an odd chin, not a bad chin but different in that it was very small. Looking at it now, it’s prominent and very noticeable. How are we not gonna catch onto something like that eh? You got to do what you got to do though, and he did.
Next there looks to be a little tightening in his forehead, total lack of of deep wrinkles, likely due to Botox, it’s an assumption and others have noticed it as well. It’s just not so obvious like the the chin is.

Under the Knife Points: The Plastic Procedure Checklist

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Botox Injection (Stipulated)

The Coolness Prevails Once Again..

The chief of cheese didn’t do too bad with his work, it was actually done fairly well. Hopefully he can find some sanity now and make a fitting return to “Bold.” I’m sure his mortgage is up by know. When you are swaggin’ tough like the colonel, you got feel great no matter what. Ronn Moss plastic surgery hit’s all the right places of the heart. A story only fitting for his chees-esty. Remember though, you know what can happen if you eat too much cheese…..Adios friends of the knife.