Robin McGraw plastic surgery

Robin McGraw Before and After Photos

Robin McGraw is a famous celebrity and an American actress, author and speaker. She is also well known since she is the wife of Dr. Phil, a popular television host, author and talk show expert. Robin is the author of two books what Age Got to Do with It? and Inside My Heart. Her two titles have made number one into the New York Times chart for bestselling books. She also stared in episodes of different famous soap. She has made and featured in several other television programs such as Larry King Live and Dr. Phil, Christmas in Washington. Born in 1950, she still looks young, there is something that McGraw does to maintain her faultless youthful look.

“I Chose to be an active participant in my life rather than a spectator.”

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Quite recently, there have been rumors about Robin McGraw Plastic surgery. In giving her response, she denied ever going for any plastic surgery procedures and claimed to maintain her body naturally. However, the media has had speculations claiming that she has gone for lip augmentation, cheek implants and has had a boob job. Her face is near perfect and is a proof that she underwent a cheek job, to achieve a perfect facial shape.

The recent pictures of Robin McGraw portray her to be quite young than she actually should be. This fact has been used by critics to prove the plastic surgery theories. They brush aside any explanations by the author herself. The rumors claim that even though the body can naturally shape itself, the beautiful pictures are due to visiting a plastic surgeon.

Robin Mcgraw Lip Augmentation

The lip surgery of McGraw has been the most touted one due to her age factor and celebrity status. Lip augmentation is commonly done by celebrities that would like to change the structure and appearance of their lips so that they can have lips that are fuller, luscious and fresh. Unfortunately, because of her age, the lips appear somewhat less fleshy and to have shrunk. Through injections of chemicals such as Restylane and Juverderm, Robin is able to boost the appearance of her lip to look large and appealing. The comparison of her photos show a different set of lips from the current ones.

Robin’s Response

All American celebrities have to put up with claims like that of plastic surgery from different critics at some point in their career, Robin therefore claims that these critics are not new. According to McGraw, hers is due to proper living, good genes and proper eating habits with a good workout routine. She publicly denies all claims and attests that her apparent perfect youthful looks are due to using a hydrating cream. She also claims to use other natural ways to remove sagging cheeks and wrinkles. It is better that she denied these speculations and state the truth to the world. This makes the plastic surgery remain a mystery, the speculations could be true or are just rumors used to tarnish her name and career.

Surgery Results

Robin McGraw plastic surgery rumors are going to remain rumors since she has denied them openly. However, this does not stop her fans and critics from commenting on the results of the surgery. She seems quite lucky, if the speculations are true, she seemed to have had a good surgeon. Additionally, the fact that her surgery was very objective makes her look amazing. She has succeeded in reducing all the aging signs while maintaining the natural her. Her fine looks and her improved girlish curve shape are speculated to be a result of a good plastic surgery.