Richard Chamberlain Plastic Surgery

Richard Chamberlain Before and After Photos

He was the man with a plan, total swag and an ambassador of a fleeting window in cinema which is now looked back upon with appreciating eyes. He had a gracefulness about him that was uncommon for the period, being the 60’s-80’s but Richard Chamberlain’s charm and his raw acting talents scored a fanbase which had circled around the globe and then some. His lady killing on the silver screen was second to none but even the savviest of Don Juan’s must say goodbye to that young man in the mirror at some point and according to a wide variety of speculations he tried to stop the age beast, right on the spot. Richard Chamberlain plastic surgery is a record of such events.

“‘Handsome’ means many things to many people. If people consider me handsome, I feel flattered – and have my parents to thank for it. Realistically, it doesn’t hurt to be good-looking, especially in this business.”

A Little Background

Richard Chamberlain was born March 31,1934 in Beverly Hills, Ca. The man was a classic thespian, whose approach had been directed into a particular Shakespearean influenced manner, which was virtually untouchable to any one of his contemporaries who may have wanted to challenge the man to a skill test, if there ever was such a challenge. One of his biggest claims to fame was his role in the iconic TV miniseries,“The Thorn Birds” and being the tearjerker that it was, he won the hearts of women all across the world. He has contributed so much to his craft and to the industry for which employs his craft. Chamberlain had a time and a place in cinema history, you can bet on that.

The gossip columnist, especially the ones whose focus is a little more catered to the old-school of film, began to engage in remarks and speculations regarding the current physical status of Chamberlain, namely his face and it insistence to age. What was his secret? Was it diet? Exercise? Or was it cosmetic applications of the synthetic kind? These are the questions that a portion of the entertainment community were dying to know.

A Botox Man Perhaps?

Richard Chamberlain is a man of 80 years old, how does a man look so youthful at that age? Media mongers on the outside have made comments about his skin, around his eyes, around his chin and essentially the contents of his face which looked like a spring chicken, considering he should be exhibiting a more worn out, mature appearance to him.

As it stands, there really hasn’t been any concrete speculations. There have been baseless rumors which have been directed at Chamberlain that have stated that he is a Botox obsessed Peter Pan and also that he simply doesn’t want to get old and that he is doing everything he possibly can to stave on that impending doom.

Facial reconstruction speculations came out of the word work too and out of simple curiosity, the before and afters were revealed with the specific intent to analyze the facial area in which the facelift speculations were driven towards. What is revealed is nothing, his face looked as it always has and from what it seems, he was just a victim of baseless ridicule and rumor igniting.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Unproven Botox Speculations
  • Unproven Facial Reconstruction Speculations

King Richard the Disturbed?

Richard Chamberlain plastic surgery looks to be another substanceless, baseless byproduct of the rumor mill. This time it was directed at a poor old 80 yr old man who, by all accounts is supposedly a very nice man. Funny, how some people pick their prey, Richard Chamberlain?..Really?..Anyhow, it appears that Mr.Thorn Bird himself has recovered from the psychological torment which was selfishly inflicted from an individual who is short on activities. Till the next one…Good Day.