naomi judd before and after plastic surgery

Naomi Judd Before and After Photos

Naomi Judd or Diana Ellen Judd was born on January 11, 1946 to Charles Glen and Pauline Judd in Ashland, Kentucky. At 18, she gave birth to her first daughter Wynonna Judd who she formed a very successful country singing duo called The Judds. In 1991, The Judds reached the pinnacle of success after selling over 20 million albums in seven years. Naomi, however, was unfortunately forced to retire because of Hepatitis C. Her other daughter with first husband Michael Ciminella is Ashley whom she raised along with Wynonna as a single mother after her divorce. She married again on May 6, 1989 to Larry Strickland. Today, she is dubbed a legend in the world of country music. She is also an activist, a successful author and a motivational speaker.
There is no denying the fact that Naomi Judd has lived a full life not only as a country superstar but also in terms of her beauty secrets. She may be retired and old but she doesn’t look anything at all like a 68-year old woman. Sure there are signs of aging and some wrinkles here and there but you just have to look at her recent pictures to see that she’s been aging successfully and gracefully. She looks half her age and has been mistaken as Wynonna’s sister many times. Many say that she owes her younger looks to cosmetic surgery. Others say it’s just good genes. Which is one is the truth?

“Your body hears everything your mind says.”

Breast Reduction

In an interview with Larry King last January 2013, Naomi Judd held nothing back. When asked if she make resolutions, she outrightly said, “I might get a breast reduction.” Larry King countered with, “Why?” and Judd answered back like a pro. She said, “I mean they’re still perky and all that, but I don’t know, they just came out.”
Naomi Judd is certainly one of the few actresses who are not ashamed of talking about enhancing her looks with plastic surgery. While there is no confirmation or follow-up regarding her statement, you just have to look at her before and after pictures for comparison. Then you can decide for yourself whether she went through with the procedure or not.

Botox Treatments

When it comes to her facial appearance, some speculated that Naomi may have gone through botox treatments to keep her face wrinkle-free, tight and firm. Because she has fewer wrinkles than what most her age have, speculations continue to spark and hound the songstress. These rumors, however, were denied by Naomi herself saying that she may have gone through other beauty-enhancing treatments but not botox. Apparently, she is not a fan of filler or dermal injections. Critics refuse to believe it though seeing that her face is unnaturally firm for her age.

Facelift and Other Surgeries

While she vehemently denies undergoing a Botox treatment, Naomi once admitted going under the knife for a facelift. She went through with the surgery to keep her face from sagging. She also admitted to going through eyelift and eyebrow surgeries. To deal with her eye bags growing bigger and keeping her eyes closed, she had her eye lifted in the past. The brow lift, on one hand, was done when she was still younger in order to enhance her looks.

Good Genes and Surgery Combo

Luckily for Naomi Judd, her cosmetic surgeries seem to have gone well which is not always the case for other celebrities. Her recent looks at 68 doesn’t look anything close to being surgically enhanced in fact. It’s either because her surgeons were really good or because of her genes which have been gracious to her through the decades. She also gets additional props for admitting and not lying about her cosmetic surgeries. It’s no wonder why she remains a darling both to other country artists and her fans.



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