Morgan Fairchild Plastic Surgery

Morgan Fairchild Before and After Photos

A stunner in the true sense of the word and more notably, a grade A Tinseltown blond bombshell, that friends is Morgan Fairchild. As actress, she has to face the uncertain, dark hours of impending age and for someone as beautiful and prominently known for her appearance as Fairchild, it makes sense as to why Morgan Fairchild plastic surgery is alive and well, front and center. So lets take a look and see what the big deal is, shall we?

“I try hard to look hip but ladylike; current, but not like I’m trying to be 16.”

Blonde Ambition

Born on February 3, 1950 in Dallas, Texas, Morgan Fairchild started her blazing career at a very young age and she most certainly did that. She first appeared on the scene when she was a child, appearing on a variety show titled,”The Peppermint Show.” Later on, she ended up working in several television commercials and it wasn’t too long until she ended up winning her very first movie role. Her talent has shown it’s versatility throughout the the years but her screen presence has always been the focal point.

Considering Fairchild literally grew up in the entertainment industry, her physical changes as she grew older were constantly under a microscope. Her beauty had blossomed into a real force beauty and it has been the main reason why she has stuck around so long. That beauty apparently has been threatened with the onset of time and by the way it sounds from the speculations, she may have done something about it.

Simply Impossible

Her doll like face hasn’t done a whole lot of changing in the last twenty years as for which why she had the speculations slowly brewing and churning within the rumor mill. People of all walks of life, whether a fan or a simple celebrity hound wanted to know just how Fairchild pulls off the impossible.

Her before and after photos made their way to the forefront and what they suggest is that in the regions of her lips and cheeks, she more than likely had some filler injected. Her skin in those areas are tight and seamless, a far cry from what the look of a 64 year old woman should look like, Her lips have an artificially plump look to them as well as having a slightly longer length than how it normally appears. The cheeks are a certainty for having a procedure but the lips are in the debatable region.

Her face had such an obvious look of injected fillers that a well known surgeon assumed himself as an authority and spoke up about the matter to the media by stating that there is no way that Fairchild can afford to have anymore fillers injected within the facial region, simply because her face couldn’t handle it. Her face appears to have been a recipient of a possible facelift as well. The complete exterior, leading up to her for head might imply that some reconstruction had taken place and judging by her earlier pics as opposed to today, that would be an accurate assumption.

Under the Knife points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Dermal Fillers
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Botox Injection in Lips

Just to be Fairchild

Morgan Fairchild plastic surgery appears to be the typical rite of passage for an aging beauty queen and luckily for her, judging by the great work that was completed, she will still continue to obtain relevance among her peers and the fans who keep on supporting everything that she does.



  1. I just now watched her on hallmark and she sounded like her top lip was numb. To much is when they all look a like and not themselves any more.

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