Michelle Pfeiffer Nose Job

Michelle Pfeiffer Nose Job Before and After Photos

One of the talks of the Tinseltown is the speculations that surround Michelle Pfeiffer and her supposed nose job. This particular case is an interesting one to the public, mainly due to the fact that Pfeiffer insistently denied ever having anything of the sort. This just seems like an impossibility because looking at her pictures you would easily assume that Michelle Pfeiffer nose job was nothing but a reality. So, let’s check out the story to see where all of the details fit in.

“I look like a duck. It’s the way my mouth curls up, or my nose tilts up. I should have played Howard the Duck.”

It is simple to see that Phieffer looked clearly different in the passing years. In the past, her nose had much more width to it. The public didn’t seem to mind, there was a general consensus that her nose was pretty cute. Later on down the line however, her nose began to acquire kind of a Michael Jackson look to it. Seeing how the nose has done a complete turnaround, their leaves little doubt that she had some kind of Rhinoplasty done.

Some Good Work

A doctor had recently made a few comments in regards to Pfeiffer’s supposed work. He mentioned that she may have enhanced her look with Botox as well as a Rhinoplasty. He feels that what work she did get done was a good work indeed.

Even though the doctor appears to be in approval, there are many out there, especially fans that feel that she should have avoided the procedure. Some people felt like she may have overdone the concept of appropriate changes. They also feel that she just simply looks like a completely different person.

A universal opinion is that she really didn’t need to get the procedure done and it virtually changed the overall appeal of the actress. She should definitely think twice before having anything done again. Whether she agrees with the masses or opposes, the new look wasn’t the best direction that she should have gone in.

Younger and Vibrant

She also appears to maybe have undergone a bit of an augmentation as well, that aspect of her looks really good and what was done was done very nicely. She does possess a much younger and vibrant quality to her now and there is a lot to say about that. She was just looking out to strengthen her career and add some longevity to it.

It has really seemed to have payed off, even with the faults in her nose. She has been slowly popping up in movies and the roles in which she has been acquiring have been pretty juicy. Looking good is a highly crucial concept in the industry, so if you can clean up the spells of age, your lease in Hollywood will get a nice extension.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Possible Facial Reconstruction

Still Looking Good

Michelle Pfeiffer nose job was not so much of a success but it still doesn’t stop the living legend from looking pretty spectacular. There must have been some sort of facial work done on her and that may be the component that took some of the edge off of the issues regarding her nose.