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Melody Thomas Scott Before and After Photos

The Young and the Old

Simply set aside from her stunning beauty, Melody Thomas Scott has some soap opera acting chops like you would never believe. She has seen close to thirty years of daytime television prominence, with her legendary turn on “Young and the Restless.” Her gifts and radiance beckon even the most discerning thespian taste, when she stepped into the iconic role as Nikki, it was all uphill from there Melody Thomas Scott plastic surgery begs to differ on her outcome and there’s a certain side of the people who appear to revel in the possibility of social embarrassment…..Shall we?

This Young and the Restless legend is in her late 50’s and just by the public owning that knowledge, the negative forces came to play and pointed their fingers right at melody and essentially through word of mouth, accused her of utilizing cosmetic surgery procedures in a way to fend off the impending age that rests in waiting.

Gossip is, Gossip Does

It really feels like there is never a dull moment for her, it could come from a blog, gossip column, entertainment news or from anywhere and Thomas is included in the weekly roundup bits. It rather looks like in these cases that the general public would be a whole lot happier if the star just got older and lost the goods that gave them this stature that they stand on.

The entertainment media has a way of putting an immense amount of pressure upon the celebrities of the contemporary. There are a bunch of individuals who are within the tight-knit entertainment world and then there’re the commoners who sit on the edge of the hillside, looking down as they commentate on all the things they see from afar without ever quite understanding yet without the tiniest of blinks, pass judgment upon the person at the center of the trouble.

Botox is the name of the game and they were all convinced that is exactly what Melody did. Her face looked ultra-smooth, areas near her forehead had shown a significant sign of an increasingly low amount of wrinkles.

Cheek to Cheek

There are some out there who believe that she may have gotten cheek plants as well but the evidence appears to be very inconclusive. There is apparently some very good sources who cite that Thomas knows a good deal of the finest surgeons throughout Tinseltown and that night be the reason that her face came out so flawlessly that it is extremely hard to tell if she actually did or not.

One little detail about Thomas that could explain why her look is always youthful and radiant is because she is apparently a skilled artist of makeup and she applies the expert style of foundation to herself on an average. So a lot of these photos that were in analyzation could have obviously included showing of her face and passing it off as considerably younger than it actually looks.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox Injections
  • Cheek Implants (possibly)

A Sweet Melody

Melody Thomas Scott plastic surgery was questionable but it was done in an accurate way whatever was the cause of her sudden look change it was done very professionally. She has stated that the everything has calmed down quite a bit and that even though the rumors were hard to take, they never really stuck with her too badly.