Mary Steenburgen Plastic Surgery

Mary Steenburgen Before and After Photos

Mary, Mary Keeps Staying Contrary

This is one versatile actress right here, an Oscar winning one in fact. The woman has been around for years with fortitude, longitude and a quite, subtle bit of attitude. Let’s face it, she married the swagger dagger, himself, Ted Danson for crying out. Allies with the knife though, really? A plot to get younger, with only the motivation of staying younger to better her career? You must be joking. Well, buy a ticket, pull up to the depot because the Steen-train is a comin’, carrying Mary Steenburgen plastic surgery along with it.

“I think that we need to look hard at our beliefs and be responsible about how we speak out.”


Born on February 8, 1953 in Newport, Arkansas, Mary Steenburgen began studying acting in 1972 in New York City. The woman was intelligent, witty and she could act, dang straight. For her performance in the 1980 flick “Melvin and Howard”, she won herself an Academy Award for Best Supporting.
Her grace and attitude complimented many films, showing a raw power that was uniquely delivered. She had a great career in the theater as well and it was in 1995, when she married the man, Teddy D.
Between great roles in movies, television and in the theater, Steenburgen has had a stellar career, which continues to this day.

Gotta Love A Woman Who Digs the Botox

So, it rather looks like Mrs. Steenburgen has quite a thing for the Botox, fillers too. Well, at least that is what the word is. It sounds like she has quite the past with the injections and it also sounds like that is the only thing that she may have utilized.
There apparently have been some arguments, stating she might employ some really high fashion creams in place to keep her skin looking like a baby’s you know what, but whatever she’s been doing, it’s working dude.
Steenburgen is in her 60’s, she looks fantastic, for an older chick…swaggin’ beastly. The whole facial area, especially the forehead are truly sans wrinkles. There has to be a little cosmetic action, no cream, even if it was made in a buddhist temple, it wouldn’t work that good.
Her chest area looks untouched, her eyelids look kosher as well. Her face, considering as youthful as it is, looks completely untampered. She is a stunner, even at the age in which she resides.
Is all this for the Captain Ted? Is she rockin’ the cutes for the biz…not quite sure..guess it doesn’t really matter eh?
Her lips in some of the before and after’s, appear to change from image to image, sometimes more fuller than others but there really isn’t a whole lot to work on from that angle.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Fact Sheet

  • Botox Injections
  • Dermal Fillers

No Knife, No Story

Mary Steenburgen plastic surgery wasn’t exactly a thrill ride was it? It didn’t have those juicy elements that keep us at the edge of our seat but gosh darn it, something about the thing was fun…not really. When the knife takes a bow and fades from a story, it kind of makes you miss the old chap. We will have another thriller, you can bet on that. There are too many sweet little stories of out there but strangely, celebrities and all of us keep on fantasizing about the one great thing we never can really have…..Ted Danson back behind the bar in Cheers!