Lesley Stahl plastic surgery

Lesley Stahl Before and After Photos

Stahl-ing Age

News reporting machine. National treasure. A journalistic voice that has become a messenger for generations, who lended their ears to listen. There is no more powerful of a broadcasting legend than Lesley Stahl. Throughout the years her loyal news watchers saw Lesley change, get older, just like them, with them. Along with that voice, she had a subtle charm and certainly an eye candy appeal. In order to keep that appeal and the eye candy, Lesley gots to work it the details of turning back the clock. Lesley Stahl plastic surgery is gonna stick her right in the lair of the knife and there isn’t a thing she can do about it…is there?

Old Babe-O-Graphy

Born on December 16, 1941, in Lynn Massachusetts, Lesley Stahl began her television career early on after graduating college. At Boston’s WHDH-TV, she became a producer and an on-air reporter. In 1972, she was on the up and up when she was hired by CBS News as a reporter. Girl was going places, man.
She really started to pimp out her name during Watergate and the scandal that escalated.Then she moved on to become a White House correspondent with presidents Carter, Reagan and Bush, So anything newsworthy with the Chief of state, girl was there.
Later she ran the show “Face the Nation: from 83-91 and then down the road she hosted “48 Hours Investigates”, which escalated the more mature Stahl’s name back into the limelight.
Her biggest claim to fame is as the host of one of the biggest news shows of all time “60 Minutes”, for more than twenty years. She has seen it and done it all and there is no question as to her affluence and standard for greatness in broadcasting.
Stahl has made guest appearances on sitcoms, film and other sources of media, along with writing some books. She continues on 60 Minutes and still is heading further into becoming one of televised news greatest names.

Making a Call on Stahl

Something smelled fishy, something just didn’t feel right, and Lesley was at the center of the attention. They said she looked different, they said she looked younger, they said she made it with the knife. There were too many things that hinted in that direction.
Some people noticed that she was looking like the Stahl of yesteryear, jaw dropping, simply younger and more beautiful. There were prominent indicators that she may have more than likely had gotten plastic surgery. The facial skin had become snug, lean, vibrant and beautiful. The look of youth and for Lesley, it was an incredible sight.
Around her neck had some of the same characteristics, all the sagging and wrinkles that she had before were gone, vanished. It looked as if Leslie had the neck of a twenty-five year old, it was an incredible sight to behold indeed.
Her lips appeared to become a little plumper as well. They took on a completely different look, a total difference in every way to the way they used to look. These lips of hers could have been placed on Barbara Streisand or something, For Stahl, they kind of looked out of place.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Neck Lift
  • Botox Injection

Stahl got’s the Groove back!

Lesley Stahl plastic surgery, all in all looked pretty decent. Her lips looked kinda troubled but overall her waltz with the knife had been successful. She was back to being the rockin’ hottie reporter from the 70’s and she is in her 70’s….dude! Lesley, take one for the team girl, we love you and hope to see you busting out the breaking news for more time to come.