Keith Urban Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 23, 2017 @ 8:53 pm

Keith Urban Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Country music star Keith Urban has been hitting the charts hard for quite some time now. Between the perpetual string of hits and his matinee good looks, his career shows no sign of slowing down. Not too long ago, Urban was in the news regarding his marriage to Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and his self-admittance into rehab, but as of now the world can’t stop talking about Keith Urban’s plastic surgery.

It is actually hard to believe too, because even though the star is 47 years old, you would never notice that he would need any help from the plastic surgeon. The thing is though, people within the entertainment community and some of those within his fanbase have made claims citing that the singer has secretly obtained a few cosmetic procedures.

“You go through life experiences. Each record captures a different turning point in my life.”

Kidman Looked Put-Off

Urban has remained quiet and so has his agent about his speculated procedures and when his wife was approached by figures of the media, she remained quiet but at the same time looked seriously put-off. Kidman is typically very cordial with media but when it came to this topic, you could tell she was having none of it.

Word has it that the singer has received multiple botox injections, dental surgery, and has even received a brow and chin lift. As soon as the word hit, the internet went completely abuzz with before and after pics and the usual rumors and slanderous accusations which typically occur with these type of speculations.

A Newly Defined Chin

When you look at the recent comparison pics, you will see that at least some of those procedures has been completed, especially in the region of his chin. His chin typically has always had a bit of a slight incline to it, almost appearing slightly stubby and looking at his recent pics, it looks more stoic and defined.

Also, the skin around his face has shown a great reduction of wrinkles, that goes for certain when it comes to his fine lines. The deep wrinkles in his forehead have smoothed out considerably which leads to the notion that Urban was really concentrated on tightening up the upper areas of his face in order to create a completeness.

Another surgery which is getting less buzz is speculated teeth surgery.  Judging by some of his earlier photo’s, you can see where there was actually some major work done. His teeth showed a crookedness that was very noticeable until they were recently corrected. Urban is looking like the true country star he was meant to be with his new look, and even though nobody is saying a word out of his camp about the matter, it looks official.

Speculated Procedures:

  • Botox Injections
  • Teeth Surgery
  • Brow Lift
  • Chin Lift

Urban Looks Happy

Keith Urban’s plastic surgery looks to be about as official as it comes, and you better believe that the work completed was done with total finesse and a professionalism not seen too often these days. Even though he has not said a word about the procedures, you know he is really happy, and his career should no doubt benefit from it.