Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery

Last Modified on:  May 23, 2017 @ 8:55 pm

Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

It seems the speculations on celebrity plastic surgeries do not only target American celebrities but have also crossed the borders to Indian Celebrities. Among the victims of such speculation is Bollywood starlet Kareena Kapoor. Known for her starring roles in Bollywood blockbusters and romance films, Kareena Kapoor’s beauty and prowess in acting has made her one of the most celebrated Indian actresses of all time. Kareena Kapoor, now commonly known as Kareena Kapoor Khan after her marriage to acting counterpart Ali Khan, was voted as the most beautiful woman in India by the People Magazine. The recent rumors about her having had plastic surgery on her butt and face have, however, sparked heated debate among critics on whether or not the gorgeous actress’s purported surgery is real.

“You are as old as you look. If you are fit and pretty at an X age, why won’t filmmakers want to cast you, whether you are married or not?”

Kareena’s before and after photos

The speculations are always backed by before and after photos that show spotted differences in the actress’s appearance. The rumors have it that the Bollywood actress might have undergone a face lift to spruce up her cheek bones. The before and after photos show a formerly slightly plump faced Kareena and an after photo of a significantly leaner faced Kareena. In other pictures depicting her butt surgery, the actress is seen with a smaller butt in a before photo and an after photo of her with a bigger and more rounded butt after the supposed surgery.

Face lift and nose job

The rumors on the actress’s surgery claim that she might have had rhinoplasty on her face to change the overall appearance of her face. The rumors claim that the actress could have had a nose job for a more refined nose and even what seemed like cheek augmentation. Her cheekbones are now more defined than before as the sources claim. Her nose also is said to appear more refined and sharper as compared to previous pictures of the actress.

Butt implant

Although Kareena Kapoor is viewed as one of the most curvaceous and beautifully shaped women in India, the gifted actress is said to have had a butt implant to have a more rounded derriere for a more appealing shape. The claims indicate that the Bollywood sweetheart was more flat butted some years before the supposed procedure on her behind, which is now well rounded and bigger. The before and after photos behind these claims suggest that the star might have actually had a butt implant to enhance her rather curvaceous body.

The star’s reaction to these claims

When the speculations on her plastic surgery overwhelmed the media and her fans, the public couldn’t help but seek clarification on the issue. Some sources claim that when asked about her newly rounded butt, Kareena explained that the reason behind her shapely behind is that she is vegetarian and that she works out on a regular basis.

Surgery results

With the overwhelming speculations on the actress’s supposed surgical procedures, it is difficult to determine whether or not the claims are true or just fallacious rumors given that Kareena Kapoor is naturally beautiful and curvaceous. One thing for sure though, is that this Bollywood sensation never ceases to amaze her fans with her stunning beauty.