Joanne Kelly Plastic Surgery

Joanne Kelly Before and After Photos

This fine product of Canada has made the rounds through some of entertainment’s great selections of film and television feature lengths and series. Her latest efforts can be seen on televisions, “Warehouse 13.” Her talent is bordering on astounding and it always keeps on becoming more broad, mature and to many of her associates, reliable. Stepping away from her professional life, she has garnered quite a bit of attention in another aspect, publicity surrounding whether or not she utilizes plastic surgery. So, is Joanne Kelly plastic surgery a reality or is it wishful thinking on the part of the Tinseltown evildoers? Let’s find out for ourselves….

A Little Backstory

Born on the 22nd of December, 1978, Joanne Kelly has taken the simple interest and daydreams of becoming an actress in Canada and forged them into a real life career and a success story. The obvious fact that she is so beautiful and talented, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand but let’s face it, there are a lot of beautiful and talented people in Hollywood but with that extra oomph of skill, it is what puts her at the very top of the heap. Her very first role came in the film,“Going the Distance” and ever since then she has made an indelible mark upon the industry.

Since the first days that we all laid eyes on her, her look has made some significant changes. There has never been any official word but according to plenty of sources, Joanne has undergone plastic surgical procedures. Although constant and consistent efforts by the media, they have relentlessly tried to get her to talk but to no avail, she always stays mum. Many say that she has turned to the cosmetic forbidden fruit in an effort to stay that young and radiant self for which got her foot in the door in the first place.

Young to Old to Young Again

There has been simply a rampant movement of speculations and just by observing some of her more recent changes, those differences could easily be seen as plastic surgery in the mix. There have been a number of fan and peer comments which have been directed at Kelly that cite her as looking much older than her age, so it would seem that after a while that it could affect the person’s self-esteem, driving them into a cosmetic surgeons clinic.

It is said that Joanne has partaken in a face lift and also, Botox injections but the actress has denied all the allegations profusely time and again. Looking at her before and afters, her skin does appear to have far less wrinkles than she has prior and the smoothness all around her face is flawless, a long way from the pre-mature aged beauty which we are so use to seeing.

Weak Evidence

The thing about her case is, there really hasn’t been enough engaging evidence to steer in the direction of the procedures, so it is very hard to dig too deeply into something which may not have occurred. Some of the sources on the opposite side of her are a little unreliable and such, so it is a really tough call.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox Injections
  • Facial Reconstruction

(Both Highly Unproven)

Joanne Still in Hiding

Joanne Kelly plastic surgery is a tough one to judge, trying to put a grasp on it feels impossible even though in some of her pics it really does look as if she may have employed a little work. In Time, hopefully we will be seeing something rise to the top of this particular case so for all who wonder, can finally have their answers.