Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery

Jennifer Esposito Before and after Photos

The Botch Watch

Jennifer Esposito has been around the block with TV and film and also she has been around the block with her love life as well. All the while, Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery has her going under the knife as well, looking to rekindle old flames of youth and fame or some kind of sanity in the rough road of tinsel. Through long, dark cold whimpering in the night was heard by the strange knife. A Woman crying for attention and the love of a public that has since died. Can the knife help her, or will her destroy her? We…shall….see.

“Give me civilization. I don’t want to be pampered.”


April 11, 1973 in Brooklyn, NY, Jennifer Esposito was born to a music producer father and an interior decorating mother. She always dreamed of stardom and acting, so she started attending the Lee Strasberg Institute.and worked odd jobs while making it through.
A breakthrough took place when she landed a small role on the soap opera “ The City” between 1995-97. She ended up making it big in the New York indie circuit during it’s boom.
Esposito really struck gold when she starred opposite Michael J, Fox on the second season of the hit television show “ Spin City”, as the tough talking brooklyn bred secretary.
Esposito was extremely prolific, she was in everything it seemed like. She starred in Spike Lee’s “He got Game” in 98’ and even that 1998 cinematic masterpiece “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” which missed oscar nominations by a hair.
Down the road she still kept putting out film after series after film , she was unstoppable. She had high profile romances, married to Bradley Cooper and dated Benjamin Bratt.

You Play With Lasers….

As it were, the unfortunate side of the knife, has found a victim in the venerable Jennifer Esposito. Say it ain’t so? It is true laddie, the knife must have been going through a real dark period at that stretch and the poor Esposito got the wrong side of the knife.
It was a true case of the “B” word, esposito was botched and that ain’t no joke. The story goes, she went to get a laser treatment done and when she arrived at the surgeons office, he apparently had pawned her off to a green assistant. The laser apparently was maybe a little hungover and it burned esposito on the side of the face and it left scarring that is irreversible,
The damage to esposito was pretty bad and apparently she had lost some of her contracts and various jobs around the Tinsel. Hell was going to be paid. Actually it wasn’t, all drama ended with a thud and a whimper. All jokes aside, it is actually sad but most of her scars have healed up. There is one that refuses to go away and its on the side of her chin.
Apparently as well, she had an odd way of saying some of her lines when she is acting, due to the accident. Prior to the accident, she was getting a series of work done like Botox, facelift and fillers.
Speculations never had to fly on this one, it was a clear cut reality of the bitter truth, revealing the dire consequences that can arise when your number is up during your waltz with the knife or in this case the laser.

Under the Knife Points:

  • Facelift
  • Laser treatment
  • Botox lips
  • Dermal fillers

Laser tag anyone?

The Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery was not too much of a success because it really takes a lot to feel sympathy for vain, money hungry celebs. Just by looking at some of her examination pics and looking at her visibly and genuinely sad face, she almost looks vacant behind her eyeballs, You can feel kind of bad for her. At the same time this was a woman spending thousands of dollars just to reverse the aging process and look sexy, so it can be a split decision. Because he always knows what is up, so you better not look down…Mac the Knife is back in town.