Jenna Fischer Bra Size

Jenna Fischer Bra Size Before and After Photos

Let’s face it, Hollywood certainly doesn’t have any shortages of beautiful actresses who possess great bodies with the perfect measurements and Jenna Fischer is no exception to the rule. Fischer is well known in the biz for her portrayal in the hilarious sitcom “The Office.” Jenna has made quite the name for herself in TV but lately, she has been known as a possible suspect in the acquisition of a breast augmentation. So, as the public sifts through the before and after pics, what do you think about Jenna Fischer Bra size? Did she?

“I still get nervous when I have a lot of makeup on, a big hairdo, and a dress.”

The Rumors Fly

Fischer has had kind of a little rough patch as of late, she recently stated that she has put on about 10 lbs or so. One of the great things about Jenna is that even when the outlook is dim, she always seems to possess a really great attitude, even with these latest plastic surgery rumors. Somewhere along the line these rumors have trickled out and without a whole lot of merit as well. Her before and after pics show what appears to be a slight change in her bosom area but that very well may be just a little bit of weight gain.

The attention of the public has grown quite steadily in a short period of time and because of the steady name that fischer appears to be brewing, these rumors could go for a long, long time. There is no word coming out of Fischer’s camp either and as attempts continue, it really appears that nothing will ever come to fruition. So, why do her breast appear to be different? Let’s check out the pics…

Maybe a Cup Size

Her before and after pics show a breast size that may have increased just ever so slightly. The proportions look to be a tad rounder as well. Her cleavage too looks like it has been deepened and there is somewhat of a chiseled indention towards the very top. The changes have been so slight that it really doesn’t even look like she has even moved up a cup size. Still though, it is hard to really say whether or not she actually went through with an augmentation.

Popular surgeons have noted that they feel that Fischer has gone through with the procedure because even though her size has not increased majorly, it is all of the elements which were incorporated into them that showed the clear signs that she more than likely went under the knife.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation

Here Comes Jenna

The Jenna Fischer bra size story appears to be slowing down a little ever since the surgeons have come out and discussed their opinions. They are pretty accredited, so it is hard not to trust in what they to say. One thing is for sure, her career has not taken any type of hit and she looks like she may be headed in an even greater direction than anybody ever expected and with a fine talent like that it isn’t hard to believe at all. When you start on such a great sitcom, your opportunities broaden.