Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery

Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Another Housewife Under the Knife

Now, this is a beautiful woman and there are so many out there who just simply want to know, how in the world does Jacqueline Laurita do it? Jacqueline Laurita plastic surgery is when a real housewife decides it is time to get a little preservation action on and then proceeds on it that is how she does it. Well, she just so happened to answer that question when she stated recently that she went under a little cosmetic surgery in order to keep that sexy look of hers relevant. The star of the cult reality series “The Real Housewives” dropped the bomb on Twitter, where she also cited the exact procedures in which she had undergone.

The procedures that she had mentioned were a neck lift and a tummy tuck but some people out there have also said that she may have gotten Breast Augmentation surgery. This makes sense because not so long ago she had dropped a considerable amount of weight and there were people whom happened to grow concerned over why she had dropped that kind of weight so fast.

Stuck on the Tuck

Her entire upper body appears to be ultra-lean now when before she had several areas in the midsection that were fatty. The waist especially had quite of what you would call a Muffin Top, and by the looks of it, she totally eliminated that aspect of her. It is an amazing thing to see a person’s body one day and then the other, witness such a dramatic change. The one issue that so many people who have utilized the tummy tuck is that they tend to put the weight back on considerably quicker than those people who lose weight in other fashions.

She really appears to have gotten a first class neck lift. Her neck has always had quite the amount of loose skin, virtually in every spot. It looked rather odd on her because the rest of her appeared to be so pristine, tan and young. The skin was directed perfectly in the areas where it had to be manipulated and also the way it had been stretched to give it that snug appearance was a totally professional move.

Phantom Breast Job

The speculated Breast Augmentation makes sense because the before and after’s speak volumes on that front. The changes in size and tone are absolutely immense and trying to understand why she is hiding the fact from being known, if that is what she is doing, is rather surprising to say the least. She had never mentioned if she did when she had mentioned the other procedures, so that may lead many to believe she is withholding that information. They do look very nice though and they actually create a real natural quality regardless how large in stature they are.

Under the Knife Points – The Procedure Checklist:

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Neck Lift
  • Suspected Breast Augmentation

Keeps on Looking Good

Jacqueline Laurita plastic surgery honestly added some well needed depth to her overall appearance. She just may overtake the rest of the stars in Housewives if she keeps on looking as good as this. Sometimes these women like herself who star on some of these vain-obsessed reality shows can really go overboard with cosmetic surgery but what she had gotten done not only looks sexy but she also has a new element of classy going on now. That is the kind of thing that is going to keep her relativity and fame and because of that, her show should more than likely keep itself rocking on the TV.