Jacklyn Zeman Plastic Surgery

Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Jackie Zeman is a very beautiful actress who gained her acclaim by her tenure on the daytime soap “General Hospital”. Her role as a nurse on the hit show grew a fan base around the world, but it seems of late that she has done all she can do to keep that beautiful appearance tip-top. It looks as if Jackie Zeman’s plastic surgery has definitely taken place and the fans want to know just what type of procedures Jackie may have gotten because the surgery looks as if it didn’t go too well.

The story of Zeman’s plastic surgery has been quite the talk around town.  Simple observations reveals that it looks as if she has received a nose job, botox, and facial reconstruction.  As far as the facial reconstruction is concerned, it looks as if the work was done very poorly. There has been rumors flying everywhere concerning the reason why she would have ever received such bad work, simply because she is such a fortunate beauty with funds to spare.  This is not the first time a star has sought after physical improvement only to receive a major blow to their looks.


Negative Talk

Keeping her youthful looks should be a priority because her career is absolutely dependent on them. Especially soap actresses, as they have decent acting abilities, but it is their appearance that comes first and foremost. Regardless, her fans are really backing her up in light of all of the negative talk that has been swirling around.

The nose job in particular may have been done a while ago and it was done very well.  Her nose was smoothed down very nicely and the edges have been narrowed just so, leaving it as the perfect feminine accessory, complimenting her features. Her nose actually used to be relatively big with somewhat flaring nostrils, but the way it is now thinned out really works well for her.

Forehead Too Tight

The botox injections, which are obvious, did a fantastic job at maintaining the vitality of her skin, but it also looks as if she may have gotten a bit too much.  Some areas of her forehead really appear as if a liberal amount had been applied there.  The region has a whole appears too tight and her eyebrows have been affected and now look as though they were painted on. She simply has what you would call a “painful” expression on her face.

Lastly, the assumed facelift actually looks pretty good and it is one highlight in a rather dismal set of procedures. The only element that doesn’t look very natural is that it has an overly shiny appearance to it. This could easily be due to her face just being pulled too taught. Overall Jackie Zeman has the appearance that she has is facing an extreme headwind.


Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Botox
  • Nose Job
  • Facial Reconstruction

Back to Drawing Board

Jackie Zeman plastic surgery certainly should have been done better but you can’t blame her for trying. Hopefully, she can go back to the drawing board to try and correct some of the mistakes that her surgeon made and hire a new doctor to give her look a second go.