Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery

Jack Wagner Before and After Photos

The man is a legend within the soap opera genre and most likely he will always be. A true debonair guy coupled with a serious edge for which many other actors of the genre are simply unable to pull off. Some of the many epic soaps which he has been a part of have been “General Hospital” and “Santa Barbara” and the lofty amount of swagger that he brought to each and every show should have been outlawed. The man just unfortunately happens to be facing that uphill battle which all of us have to face but keep in mind an individual who lives and dies by their appearance, the stakes always become raised and for Jack Wagner plastic surgery, this means business.

A Little Background

On the 11th of October 1959 in Washington Missouri, Jack Wagner was born. His debonaire presence on the small screen is of absolute legend although what most people don’t know is his career actually began it’s humble beginnings on the stage and the fact that Wagner was the quintessential utility man, who could play slapstick comedy then drift off into a totally opposite spectrum, directly right into Shakspeare. The major studios got wind of Wagoner’s talent, eventually handing him a role which would change his life forever and when he finally took the set and “Frisco Jones” came alive for the soap opera, the rest was history.

Looking for the Key

The man was a stud, a beast to the ladies and they absolutely went nuts for the guy but remember, as stated above, we all get older and Jack was simply looking for a way out, an escape clause or just basically anything that could spawn longevity for his career and of course, his swag.

So many can happily walk away from the surgeons table, carefree, full of new smiles, thats because they succeeded and they had gotten what they were after from the very beginning but then there are some individuals, especially in Wagner’s case, that when you don’t always get what you want or are after, sometimes it can be downright tragic.

Jumping on the Band-Wagoner

Speculations blew up over the concerns of whether or not Wagoner, who may have employed the use of plastic surgery, likely may have sought out these procedures; A facelift, Botox and eyelid surgery.

The procedures which Wagner had supposedly proceeded with are of the standard variety and as the befores and afters are concerned, every procedure completed was not exactly done it a prime state of quality. The assumed facelift did show some significant changes overall when it is compared to the earlier shot photos. The lower cheeks also had a tightness, which was never present prior but when this particular area met up with the upper area, there had been almost a slight rough tinge to it, it almost seems as if the area may not have been sealed up in the correct manner.

A Spotty Job

The speculated Botox use was looks to be completely focused in the general area of the forehead, this particular area had the typical tones, along with the usual tight qualities in the region as expected but also, there was a leatheriness with blotted areas and patches which revealed the tell-tell signs of inadequacy. The work certainly wasn’t perfect but it was a step ahead of the facelift, only by a notch though.

The eyelid surgery went fairly well as a whole and Wagoner’s eyelids were obviously slimmed down and given a more direct sleepy-eyed look to them. What this particular work has revealed is the presence fuller eyelashes, appearing to be more exuberant, which led to a youthful radiance which wasn’t there before. The job had been performed in a below average manner, however, what the work did reveal was that the surgeon’s effort in this specific area of the face, might be their specialty because the attention to detail was drastically visible when compared to the prior procedures

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Botox
  • Facial Reconstruction Surgery

Jack can Comeback

Jack Wagner plastic surgery went the way of futile, the surgeon who was at the helm of the procedures appeared overtly incapable, revealing signs of a buried talent, but the timing may not be of the essence for taking on high-profile Hollywood stars. Wagoner’s procedures were luckily not done in such a poor way that undoing them would be an impossibility. When the time comes that does ultimately decide to achieve that particular goal, the scouting which is entailed within the search for the most ideal surgeon should be fine tuned.