Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Hyuna Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Hyuna is quite the celebrity in the country of South Korea, due to her pivotal role in the band “4 Minutes”. Aside from the monster acclaim that she is always receiving due to the success of her group, Hyuna has been linked to several plastic surgery speculations as of late. The fans are the ones who have been adding fuel to the story, and because of that, there has been several before and after pic comparisons floating across the web. Hyuna’s plastic surgery appears to be the topic of debate in South Korea and even with some of the fans in the U.S. Let’s see what the story is all about.

“Why see only bad things and not good things that make me human being”

Before and After Pictures

Korean celebrities have recently created a trend of acquiring rhinoplasties and it looks as if Hyuna has joined the club. Many media hounds and fans have made comments in regards to changes taking place in the appearance of Hyuna’s nose compared with the early years of her career. Her younger pictures definitely show a change as relative in appearance to her current look. Her nose, as of now, is a bit thinned-out and the bridge area appears to show clear indications that some synthetic alterations have most absolutely taken place. The work demonstrates skill, while the change is highly noticeable.

Eyelid Surgery Likely

So many people in South Korea and around the world know what a social norm it has become, similar to the popularity of a nose job. When people of Asian descent have their eyelids altered, they usually are trying to attain a more doe-like juvenile appearance. Hyuna honestly looks to have gotten the procedure primarily because of the newfound openness in her eyes that was not there previously. Lips have remained tightly shut from the “4 Minutes” camp in regards to this, so conclusively there has not been anything confirmed or denied regarding the subject.

The surgery that was likely done on her eyes looks is being labeled as a procedure called a “Lateral Canthoplasty.”  This is when the outer corner of the eye is cut out to allow more of an openness. This is either done to improve the individual’s vision or it is of a purely cosmetic nature driven by the ego itself. This could also be just a simple blepharosty, and the magic of makeup has enhanced the look of her recent surgery, appearing to look as if a Lateral Canthoplasty had been completed.

Under the Knife points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyelid Surgery

4 Minutes and Going Strong

Hyuna’s plastic surgery, while not essentially needed because she is a very beautiful young woman, added beauty and thankfully nothing detrimental to her appearance.  Evaluating the procedure is almost impossible without any solid statements from Hyuna or her team.  It is always a wonder why young and attractive woman undergo any type of plastic surgery, with the risk of hurting their already beautiful appearance. The “4 minutes” fame and fan base continues to grow and confirms that even though someone chose to artificially enhance their looks through surgery, it doesn’t always hurt their careers.