Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery

Diane Keaton Before and After Photos

Diane Ain’t Lyin’

Teetering on legend, not quite there, maybe never getting there but Diane Keaton has carved an impactful impression onto the face of Hollywood. Her talent is a rare one, she has a natural every-woman persona that has rarely even entertained the prospect of competition. Her gift of screen gems to movie lovers will always have a place in our film libraries and in our hearts. The thing that we all want to know about isn’t “Annie Hall”, it’s about Diane Keaton plastic surgery and the urgency to find out why we will soon be quenched in the material that follows:

“It’s not fun to see myself in the mirror.”


Born on January 5th, 1946, Diane Keaton in a way is a prodigious comedian, she has the great ability to consume the audience and then relieve them with a great punchline, whether it be with actual words or whether it be a moment of body language. Her films of notoriety are the aforementioned Annie Hall, “The Godfather” and “Somethings Got to Give.” Other than her talent as an actress, she is credited as being a producer, director and screenwriter.

Keaton, like so many has become a focus of speculation and hearsay that directly puts her at the center in the possibility of undergoing plastic surgery. Recent photos have shown a change in her appearance and for fans who have been out of the loop of Diane’s career, when they saw her recent photos, they were pretty shocked at what they saw.

Lookin’ Great at 68

The main concern at hand is the fact that she has aged so incredibly slowly. At 68. Keaton could easily assume the identity of 50 year old. The weird thing is, it doesn’t look like she has slowed down aging, it looks like she stopped it all together. Celebrity beauty insiders have noted her skin type as tight but also as skin that can be naturally stretched .

The speculations gathered a full head of steam, from the general public and virally as bloggers went to town on her. It was so impactful that she ended up speaking on the matter, defending herself, claiming she has never had even the had smallest procedure done. The thoughts have certainly crossed the mind of many who wonder if that really is the sole reason for her youthful exuberance.

Obvious Signs of Procedures

The before and after pictures show what looks to be a Rhinoplasty and facial reconstruction of the mid-section. By really examining those pictures there is a definite signs of facial tampering especially in the nose region.

Her nose, when noticed closely, show a bridge that has been narrowed but done very finely and professionally. The way it slides down to the base with smoothness and clarity is the work of a true craftsman, the region of the nostrils looks almost untouched and only the trained eye could spot the changes.

The facelift appears to be in the central area of her face, reaching up towards the cheekbones but not quite touching. A tightness is present but tastefully done and towards the region of the lower cheek are it is pulled very slightly revealing her jawbone in a very sexy prominence.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facial reconstruction

Keepin’ it Classy

Diane Keaton plastic surgery was done with absolute refineness and brilliance. A classy lady who has given the world some classic and funny moments, deserves the very best treatment if that is what she ultimately decided to do. Whoever she employed for her procedures should be a high recommendation to all in Tinseltown.