Christine Lahti plastic surgery

Christine Lahti Before and After Photos

Lahti Da

In the land of television, especially the land of shows like those seen on Hallmark and the Lifetime Network, Christine Lahti was, really still is, queen. Her supremacy has held for many years. That powerful grip she has had for those so many years has slowly loosened, submitting to the newbies that challenge her for the throne. What can Christine do? What is she willing to do to stay queen? As we all know, the one choice, like a deal with the devil, awaits the aging Christine. Christine Lahti plastic surgery is a fable about how one goes through the lengths of burden and the trials of her chosen craft, to stay relevant, on top and successful. Christine asked for the knifes help and understanding, before she slowly crumbles at the foot of the spotlight.

“I don’t want to fight aging; I want to take good care of myself, but plastic surgery and all that? I’m not interested.”

Born Queen

Born in 1950, Christine Lahti is a renowned and Academy Award winning actress who has given the big and small screen stellar performances one after another throughout the years. She began her career when she finished college and then she went to New York City. She did some work on commercials and she also worked as a waitress in a restaurant to support herself.
Her first film role was titled “And Justice for All” in 1979 and it co-starred Al Pacino. During the era of the 70’s and 80’s, she got to be featured in several different movies and television shows. Her career was flying high and she received many award nominations leading up to her eventually winning an Academy Award. Her great acting talent and strong demeanor have always shone well on screen and that is been a big part of Lahti’s success.

Not our Christine…no!

It Seems that some of Christine Lahti’s fans were burning the midnight oil. analyzing her latest pictures with some older ones and it dawned on them what had taken place. It appears that their dearly talented favorite actress had a secret, tormented encounter with our beloved knife to save face and regain that youthful beauty that has trickled through her fingers.
The rumors spread quickly and the public ate it up, sans any comments or denials about the supposed matter. Many people believe and several of her loyal fans, that she did lay in the arms of the knife, just to merely save a career that has been dwindling.
It looks like Christine didn’t go completely nuts with the knife but what is known and very obvious to the eye is that she either got a brow lift or Botox injections in her forehead. Also what was noticed was her lips visibly changed overnight. Her lips looked very plump and very rotund, giving the cliche appearance of Botox injections in her lips. Christine did all the right things to look unobvious with her weekend under the knife.

Under the Knife Points:

  • Browlift (unsure)
  • Botox injections (lips and possibly forehead)
  • Nose job

They shall have their queen, once again

Christine Lahti wanted that face back. She wanted to be loved by the masses once again. To be gleaming in the spotlight she used to call her home. When the adoration that was once an addiction fades it leaves the addict depressed, anxious and wondering what they did or the reasons of why and how.
What Christine Lahti plastic surgery spelled was a return to form. It is another ten years for her to rule the kingdom that for a short time, turned their back on her. When you are left in the gutter of Tinseltown and you watch your tears roll down into the storm drain, thoughts of the knife come prancing in ones head. Those visions of beauty regained at the shot the starting gun for her long quest to make it back, and boy did she, Lahti looked fabulous the last time that she was seen out, she really stunned the only way that she knows how. Christine, girl…you rock. Your inspiration is touched us and it will be utilized by the many others who will fall prey to age, thank you.