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The New Adventures of Old Christine

A fine American stage and screen actress, Christine Baranski’s standard as an actress has won her two Emmy awards and two Tony Awards to add to the list of credentials that speaks as a true veteran. She has made a name is some of TV’s most popular sitcoms and dramas in todays entertainment market. Even the very best of their craft can’t escape that rumor mill. The one where the fingers point in the direction of the protagonist and that bright spotlight turns to a dim, dark period in the life of the entertainer. What you have is Christine Baranski plastic surgery.

“The older I get the more I try not to waste my time on negative energy.”

The actress sits at a crisp, young 61 years, so the speculations surrounding her and plastic surgery can’t quite boggle the brain as much as it would when younger celebrities are involved. Baranski just looks really fresh and maybe a little to vibrant for a lass in her early 60’s. Her face is completely free of any deep wrinkles and is virtually without even the presence of fine lines, quite impressive and maybe hard to take as being of the natural process of life. Tis the reason why so many people are left wondering if she really did get her plastic surgery on.

As a response to the overwhelming amount of rumors, Baranski had responded with an emphatic “no”, as to whether she actually did synthetically run back the clock. She informed the public that she is opposed to plastic surgery and that her nice, youthful appearance is the product of a great diet and habitual exercise.

Pristine Christine

One of the elements of her look which ponders the questions is due to how defined her looks are but at the most, if anything, she may have possibly gotten Botox to result in those features. Judging by the smoothness and the tightness of her facial skin, there wouldn’t be many arguments if she in fact did.

Even though there are plenty of folks out there who believe that she really did go through with some procedures, there are many on the other side of the coin out there who believe that she is the product of graceful aging, without ever even coming near to any scalpel.

Mover and Shaker

If you have seen any interviews with Baranski, you can really get the sense that she is pouring her heart out in honesty and it is a pretty tough task to disbelieve her. She really does sound like she lives a very clean life and has employed the very best exercise regimen that works directly with her type. There are also several people who live in and around Hollywood who claim that they see Baranski constantly jogging or taking part in gym activities almost on a daily basis.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • (Zero Procedures: Appears to be merely speculation)

The Passion of the Christine

So, it looks that Christine Baranski plastic surgery was just a thing of fiction and this one in particular is easy to come to that conclusion. Baranski is pure class and for someone like her to be at the receiving end of negative rumors, it begs the question as to why something of this nature would ever get started to begin with. It appears though that the message is heard and there is a unanimous understanding, so she is cleared to go in the peculiar case of the plastic surgery follies.