Billie Piper Plastic Surgery

Billie Piper Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Billie Piper Plastic Surgery

Any celebrity or person for that matter who decides to undergo a plastic surgery operation in the midst of their younger years, creates an issue where it is essentially pretty tough to figure out whether or not they have undergone any type of surgery. This is certainly not the case with one such young actress, being the wonderfully talented Billie Piper. She is considered a highly gifted actress who has starred in the hit sci-fi television cult classic “Dr.Who” and she has also appeared in the film “Belle du Jour”. So, has Billie Piper plastic surgery actually occurred or is it a simple product of speculation? Let’s see for ourselves.

“Weight doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with yourself.”

One of the very first things that people have noticed differently in Piper is that her teeth are incredibly white, almost looking as if she had obtained veneers. Veneers are a very good possibility and what they are utilized for is to enable the teeth to present a remarkable and even white tone to their teeth.

Horsing Around

Some folks in the media have made a few negative comments regarding that the new-look veneers make Piper’s mouth look really horsy. It isn’t just the new veneers that have given her mouth such a noticeable change but the fact that she has also been rumored to have undergone a lip augmentation as well.

It is not completely clear if her lips have factually been augmented or maybe it is possibly that she may have received collagen injections in her lips. When you examine her before and after pictures, you would clearly see a difference in how plump they look as opposed to in the past but at the same time it is really hard to figure out whether or not the result was an injection or surgery.

Collagen Injections Likely

Some have actually speculated that she had never received any lip augmentation or fillers in her lips and it was simply just a result of her new veneers. The new look has however added a bit of a disproportionate appearance to the state of her face. Some have used the negative slang “trout pout” in reference to the new found look but that slang has been associated with women who have undergone collagen injections in their lips as well.

Some have made attempts in obtaining some form of comment from the actress but there hasn’t been a peep from her or her managing people in those regards. Her latest pics have however have been making the rounds across the net and it has been what you would call a little bit of a laughing stock. In all actuality, her new look, whether it be from veneers or collagen really don’t look all that bad.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Veneers Placed
  • Collagen Injections


Billie Piper plastic surgery really doesn’t look to be of that much plastic surgery to begin with but some orthodontic work and a few lip injections have been assumed. Once again, the new look really doesn’t look too bad and it really appears as if people are maybe making a little bit more of an issue than there really needs to be.