Anna Kendrick Bra Size

Anna Kendrick Bra Size – Before and after Pics

Anna Kendrick Biography

She was born on the 9th of August 1985 in Portland, Maine. She is an American singer and actress. She is the daughter to William K and Janice Kendrick. Her mother worked as an Accountant while her father as a History teacher and also in finance. She rose to prominence in 2009 after portraying the role of Natalie Keener in up in the Air. This role earned her four award nominations namely Academy, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe. She is famous for portraying other roles in several movies and series including her role as Jessica Stanley in the Twilight Saga. Her older brother Michael Cooke Kendrick is also an actor. She is of Scottish, Irish and English decent.

An actor should always let humility outweigh ambition.

Anna Kendrick Breast Implant Speculations

Whenever a celebrity is rumored to having benefited from surgery, it is either they look too good or terrible. For Anna, it is the former. Despite having played minor roles in most films, her femininity has not gone unnoticed. Critics have described her as one of the undiscovered beauties in Hollywood. Her relatively slender but curvaceous body has earned her a lot of attention. Her full and firm bust has placed her on the radar. It is rumored that she may have gone for silicone implants. Although she has not offered an official statement on the trending speculations, some of her fans have come to her defense on the claim that she is a natural. Having previously been associated with a nose job, there is also a good number of critics who argue that the breast implant speculations are likely to be true.

Anna Kendrick Bra Size

She is a natural beauty with a flat tummy, relatively wide hips and a full, firm cup. Her bra size is speculated to be 34 D. For a slender woman, this is a relatively large size. In fact, this question of proportionality has fueled the speculations leveled against her. It is not unusual for slender women to have curvy boobs therefore, this is not enough proof and Anna could be another victim of gossip. When curvy Anna stripped for the GQ magazine, critics could not stop whispering about her perfect round boobs.

How True are the Rumors?

Most celebrities never confirm cosmetic surgery rumors. There are several tricks to enhance beauty but when it comes to a woman’s physique, few tricks can lead to major transformations. However, Anna’s change is an exception since she did not just grow boobs all of a sudden. There is a possibility that the subtle change in her boob size is natural.

Surgery Results

Women like Anna Kendrick have what it takes to be stars: With not so many major roles and minus scandals but already famous. If she has gone for implants, her surgeon did an amazing job. The current cup size is perfect for her toned out body. She is what most young girls dream to be. She was clearly blessed with the body and looks and it is up to her to hold onto it.