Alison Brie Bra Size

Alison Brie Bra Size – Before and after Photos

Alison Brie Biography

She was born as Alison Brie Schermerhorn on the 29th of December 1982 in Hollywood California. She is an American actress who was widely known after portraying the role of Annie Edison in Community and Trudy Campbell. She is the daughter to Joanne and Charles Terry Schermerhom . She has a degree in Theater. Her first step into the acting field was after she ventured into stage performance. Her initial stage performances were in Southern California at the Jewish Community Center. Before she became a film and television actress, she also worked as a clown in theaters and birthday parties.

“I look really good in a scuba suit.”

Alison Brie Breast Implant Speculations

Alison is a beautiful young woman whose image has graced several magazine pages. She has a stunning physique with a supermodel body frame. Her cup size is estimated to be 32 C. This is relatively a large size and given that she has a slender body. There are rumors that she may have had her boobs filled. As much as it is assumed that slender women have small boobs, this is not always the case. The actress’s full and firm cups have caused an uproar in social media sites. The much talked about Alison has not responded to the trending speculations.

Alison Brie Bra Size

According to trending speculations, the actress might have gone for silicone implants. This is a common procedure among female celebrities. The sensational actress has been described by some critics as a 28 F. Clearly, her perfect cups are an attention earner. Aside from the fact that they are perfect, there is little proof to support the rumors. She could be a woman blessed with good genes. This, together with wearing the right bra size could be the reason behind her attractive cleavage. There are many women blessed with naturally firm boobs and she could be one of them. The only difference is that she is a celebrity and is bound to attract speculations.

Surgery Results

Despite the fact that the breast augmentation allegations leveled against Alison are yet to be proven, she is rated as one of the successful surgeries. If the rumors are to go by, she got what women look for in such a procedure: A full and firm bust which has enhanced her feminine curve. In terms of height, she is not the typical model since she is few inches shorter but her perfect body makes up for this. Her cup size matches her hip size and with her slender waist, she is the perfect girl for a magazine cover.

Was the Surgery Necessary?

Looking at the results of the possible surgery, she knew what her body needed and went for it. If she is a natural, and from the photos it looks like she is all natural, she is stunning and definitely doesn’t need a nip and tuck to look better. As her career is soaring higher, the actress should do her best to maintain her beauty in the most natural way possible.