stephanie pratt plastic surgery

Stephanie Pratt Before and After Photos

She’s All Pratt

If the hills do have eyes, they would certainly be on Stephanie Pratt. She has emerged from the schlock of reality TV a better woman for it. Her rise to prominence came in 2007 with her introduction via the hit reality tween series,”The Hills.” Her fame had drawn a huge interest with the public and especially the teen crowd. Pratt embodied the carbon-copy, blonde version of Kim Kardashian, playing out the same lifestyles. Stephanie Pratt plastic surgery was no shock to the senses as her endeavors with cosmetic surgery became widely know simply by the words that came out of her mouth.

“I need something more in my life than going to AAs and going to bed at 10pm”

Stephanie Pratt was born on April 1, 1986. She has, in the last seven years, become a gigantic TV star that has literally came out of nowhere but in reality television, don’t they always.

Throwing Pratt on the Welcome Mat

Even though she was the big name in the Hills show, it was in 2010 when she was ousted from it and yet parts of her family still were a remaining pivotal factor in the series, it was a tough thing to deal.

Stephanie and virtually the entire cast of the show have laid claim in the fact that they have all partook in at least some form of cosmetic surgery. Even though the rest of the cast never fessed up to their procedures, Stephanie was always the big one who felt no shame in it and she even divulged the information without a thought.

Doin’ Work

An insecure girl, she felt the only way to stave off those fears of unworthiness would be to nip and tuck her way to a happier Stephanie and yet she by-and-large did that and then some. She had a breast augmentation, lip augmentation, nose job, Rhinoplasty and chin plants.

The procedures that she had done came out fairly well, as the doc looked to perfect his game on Stephanie. Her breast had became more of a snug type of roundness, large without even a hint of sag. Her prominence in the bust would actually show through a goose down jacket, that is the kind of lift that they were given during the operation.

The Hills ran up the Surgery Bills

Her nose looks done fairly well, it was of the typical caliber of change that is normally employed with the typical nose job. The bridge appeared to be trimmed down and towards the nostrils where the two met up, it had a smooth accent as the apparent change was visibly seen for sure.

Her chin was said to have gotten work but by the looks of it, if there was anything done as far as an implant, it would have had to been extremely minor indeed. Lastly, her lips almost appeared to be thinner in appearance. Most times when lip surgery takes place it usually is the lip swelling in proportion instead of the other way around. It was certainly unique but at the same time, well done.

Under the Knife Points: The Procedure Checklist

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Chin Implant

Pratt will be Back Stat!

Stephanie Pratt plastic surgery was a success but not a surprise by any means. Some of this work had been done in the past but all the references were done according to the properly assigned dated photos. Stephanie will make another run at fame here at some point, she deserves a second shot at the reality title, it’s only fair.